Dehumidifiers can save you energy, money, and from many other hassles that humidity brings. Humidity levels can rise to uncomfortably high levels in the warmer months and cause all kinds of complications within your home or business, such as negatively impacting indoor air quality. Here are a few of the most common ill effects of high humidity levels in your residence:

  • Excessive Perspiration 
  • Over-Condensation From Pipes and Water Containers 
  • Warping of Furniture and Doors
  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Insect Infestation

Dehumidifiers Can Help!

With hot and heavy summer days comes increased moisture levels in the air. Anyone in the Northeast can attest to the fact that it is almost impossible to maintain a steady level of energy in humid heat — it is as if the humidity just sucks the life right out of you! Luckily, with air scrubbers, whole home dehumidifiers or central dehumidifiers, your home or business will have proper solace from that overbearing heat. Dehumidifiers extract the moisture from the humid air that it intakes and outputs conditioned air to keep the climate throughout your home comfortable and bearable. Benefits of dehumidifiers include:

Easily Maintained

The only consistent maintenance you have to worry about with your dehumidifier is the emptying of the extracted moisture in the air from time to time. This water, although not drinkable, can be used for watering your plants (not vegetable plants)!

Stay Dry in Dry Heat

With exuberant humidity comes, for lack of better words, sweat. No one wants to have guests over for dinner or lunch while trying to conceal sweat stains — you end up needing a change of clothes or a shower in the middle of the event! Kiss those awkward moments goodbye with the addition of a whole home dehumidifier or central dehumidifier. 

Prevent Mold and Insects

Both mold and many overpopulating insects absolutely love moisture. Damp areas that are not usually checked by you or your loved ones can become convenient places for mold or insects to multiply and begin infesting your home. Mold can then cause decreased air quality, while insects can cause all sorts of problems with the health of you, your home, and your belongings. 

Keep It Comfortable

Your furniture, doors, wood floors, and wooden decor can begin to warp when exposed to humidity for an increased period of time. This can make otherwise comfortable couches hard to sit on, doorways impossible to shut, and beautiful artifacts within your home flawed or broken. A dehumidifier will ensure everything stays comfortable and beautiful within your home. 

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