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3 Reasons to Install Solar Power Panels for Your House – Medford, NJ

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in homes and commercial buildings as nationwide concerns over global warming continue to surge. Renewable energy seems to be trending upward as both economics and scientists are continuing to identify the many benefits that arrive from clean and sustainable resources. With this said, however, we understand why some people are still skeptical about a solar panel installation for their own homes. 

There are still multiple misconceptions when it comes to solar energy in general, and more specifically, solar power panels for your house. Many people think that solar panels are only effective and useful in areas where sunlight is extremely prevalent and temperatures are high. There is similarly a common fear that installing solar panels is extremely expensive and unsuitable for some people. In this blog, we’ll help to debunk both of these ideas and offer some great benefits of solar panels for your home! 

Energy in Any Climate and Any Temperature:

Even in Medford, where weather conditions swiftly change and we experience the full spectrum of seasons, solar panels will work just as effectively as they would in sunny California! Through snowy days and cloudy storms, solar panels can endure a multitude of weather. This is because these systems do not harness temperature from the sun, but rather from the sun’s energy! Regardless of temperature, solar panels will produce usable and consistent energy to power up your home. 

Lower Utility Cost:

As mentioned above, many people hold the perception that solar energy is far too expensive for their own homes. This is not the case! In fact, solar panels have proven to save homeowners dramatically on their monthly utility bills. The cost of solar panels actually are decreasing every year as new systems work more efficiently and with far less energy use from air conditioning or furnaces. Similarly, residents in Medford and other nearby New Jersey cities are qualified to receive certain government benefits and incentives for their solar panels! 

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

Regardless of your political views or stance on global warming, solar panels are proven to help reduce emissions from carbon dioxide. Standard coal and fossil fuels leave harmful pollutants into our atmosphere, polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink. Solar panels require legitimately no water for power, and is simply the most environmentally conscious decision! 

These are only a handful of the many reasons why solar panels are a great addition to your home! If you decide to make the shift to solar, you’ll need to be sure that you’re working with an expert team of installers you can trust. Raynor Services provides your home with much-needed clarity, expert advice, and guidance for following all of the many permits and regulations. 

Raynor performs a free estimate of your property, assesses your power requirements, and begins the construction process. We are the ultimate partners from start to finish of this process, and will only recommend the most affordable and appropriate options for your family. Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about how to “go solar!” 

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