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Backyard Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Home

Perhaps this year more than any other, we’ve all realized how valuable outdoor spaces are. We spent countless hours with friends and families out on the patio, socializing at a distance in our backyards, and cooking on the grill. As we move further into the summer, the team at Raynor Services wants to help you turn your backyard space into the place-to-be for all of your guests! One of the best ways to enhance your outdoor aesthetic is through the installation of incredible backyard lighting

Installing outdoor home lighting is a simple and affordable process that can be used to transform your home’s exterior. Below, we’ve compiled 3 types of outdoor lighting systems that we recommend to give your home the glow it deserves. 

Path Lighting: 

Path lighting is typically used to describe the sequence of lights around walkways, stairs, or other pathways surrounding your home. This landscape lighting is a great addition for two main reasons. Firstly, these lights add an element of safety for your family and guests through illuminating walkways and helping to avoid falls or trips in the nighttime. Secondly, they’re functional and stylistic at the same time – creating a guide to the most beautiful parts of your backyard, deck, or home. The only question after installing this new outdoor home lighting is: What would you like to lead people to with these bright lights? A bed of flowers? Your amazing pool? The possibilities are endless! 

Pro Tip: Stairs are often where most trips or falls occur. To make your home both safer and more aesthetically pleasing, install LED strips on the underside of your stairs! 

String Lighting: 

String lighting is among the most popular for entertaining guests outside. They’re one of the most affordable options, they’re simple to install, and they evoke an intimate ambiance to elevate your backyard. They’re also extremely convenient and portable. If you feel like rearranging your backyard or moving the dining table to another location, all you need to do is take them down and wrap them around another tree trunk, fence, or patio space. The soft glow of string lights will accentuate any backyard into a zen-inspired zone! 

Pro Tip: When installing string lights, it’s important to utilize a tape measure before any drilling, tying, or installing hooks. This way, you know exactly how much space you’ll have to maneuver them and appropriately highlight your spaces. 

Lamps & Lanterns: 

Lamps or lanterns offer a more soft, low-voltage light for small areas of outdoor space. These systems provide a fantastic way to illuminate your home’s exterior, as they don’t create too much brightness or distracting light. The great part of lamps and lanterns is that there is so much variety within them. A wall lamp can help to strategically light up your home and increase security, while many lantern types are used strictly for aesthetic purposes and to generate a more welcoming environment for guests. 

Pro Tip: Many homeowners really enjoy hanging Japanese-inspired lanterns above patios or fences to really give your backyard space some character along with a warm, glowing feel.

Let There Be Light with Raynor!

At Raynor Services, our electricians install the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures to ensure your backyard turns from just fine to party time! Our electricians are experts in landscape lighting, and will always meet your entertainment needs. We’ll provide the infrastructure to avoid flickering lights, make your home a safer place, and add a distinguishable warmth to your backyard. Call us today at (609) 845-3460 to get started with your new backyard transformation! 

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