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Call Raynor to Keep Your New Year Electrical Resolutions

2019 is in full swing with the first two months of the year nearly gone. How are you doing with your new year resolutions though? If you didn’t make one or you’re looking for another one, why not focus on improving your home? Although many Mount Holly homeowners go day to day hoping that their electrical system is safe, the only way to know is by updating and testing your system.

Raynor Services suggests following these electrical repairs and tips to put your home safety on the top of your resolutions list!

Extension Cord Placement

Let’s face it – everyone uses extension cords. From one room to another throughout your home, sometimes your existing cords just aren’t long enough. While they should never be used as a permanent solution, it’s still important to make sure that you’re using them safely. Make sure you keep extension cords away from doorways, under carpets, near heaters, or near any other item that may damage the cord. If you find yourself using them too often, call Raynor Services to go over options for a safer, more permanent solution.

Install More Outlets

Extension cords aren’t meant to be used every day. If you are using them often, it’s time to have some additional outlets installed. Calling Raynor Services will get you the sockets you need so that you can get rid of potentially dangerous extension cords.

Outlet Overload

We have all done it, bought outlet expanders to get more socket space out of a single outlet. Though this may not be dangerous for a little while, when an outlet is overloaded for a long period of time it can become overheated, damaged, and can pose a fire hazard. By installing more outlets, you can avoid this preventable danger to your home.

Sockets Near Water

Even though you have outlets in your bathroom and kitchen where water is frequently used, the two should never mix. If you don’t already have GFCI sockets, you should! Installing this type of outlet in bathrooms, on kitchen counters, or in any other area where water might get into sockets can help ground out the socket if water should be introduced.

Faulty Wiring

There are a few signs to watch out for that could be signaling issues with your wiring. If your switches feel warm or you have issues like blowing fuses, tripping circuits, and flickering lights, it’s best to contact a professional electrician that can pinpoint the cause of the issue. The certified electricians from Raynor Services can address this issue and ensure you have the safest electrical wires for years to come. These electrical repairs can prevent major issues down the road as well, so fixing a small problem will help you in the long run.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Electrical repairs don’t end with your wiring – your electrical appliances matter too! Keep your appliances as up-to-date as possible. Newer models are more energy efficient and will save you money on your utility bills. You can help the environment and save money by installing Energy Star rated appliances.  


The wattage that is written on the inside of the lamp sockets is there for a reason. Take the extra time to check on your lamps and bulbs to make sure they’re the right fit. Not only do higher watt bulbs take up more energy and help run up your electricity bill, but these higher wattage bulbs are also likely to blow more often.

Surge Protectors

Not all homes are going to experience a power surge but having a surge protector in place can help keep your home safe. A surge protector will help protect your home during storms or sudden surges in the power grid. Power surges have the potential to cause sparks that can then lead to a fire, and they can also overload circuits and cause damage to your overall system.

Replace Smoke Detectors

Smoke and CO detectors are two of the most important home safety features you can have. It’s best to have them hardwired, but if you still have battery powered detectors, make sure you change the batteries and test them often.

New year, safe home! Call Raynor Services for all of your electrical needs today! We can handle any electrical needs your family has and deliver with industry-leading service.

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