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Do UV Lights for AC Systems Work?

In a time where concern over germs and bacteria in the outside world is at an all-time high, many people are considering alternative ways to make the inside of their homes safer as well. Whether you’re cleaning doorknobs and countertops with anti-bacterial wipes or regularly applying hand sanitizer while entering your home, these precautions fight germs on the surface. 

Wouldn’t it be great, however, if your home’s HVAC system could proactively fight the bacteria that circulates into the rooms of your home? One way to improve home air quality is to hire a technician to properly install UV lights for your HVAC system. Ultraviolet (UV) lights have been used in hospitals and other public areas to directly combat airborne COVID-19 particles. Now, you can also get them in your homes! 

What are HVAC UV Lights

Contamination can build-up frequently within traditional HVAC units. Recent studies have proven that HVAC UV lights can both sterilize moving air that exists in your home and sterilize the air that passes through coils before it is released in your home. There are two ways that you can install UV lights in your home HVAC systems: 

  1. Coil UV Lights: These lights are located inside your central air conditioning systems. Your AC system typically contains coils that can begin to grow mold from condensation. These UV lights run 24/7 to accurately prevent the growth of mold and sterilize the air before it’s pumped into your home. They are the most common models in households and are the more affordable option for residential homes. 
  2. Air/Ductwork UV Lights: These lights are wired into and installed in your return air ducts to directly regulate moving air. They effectively eliminate airborne contaminants, pollutants, and allergens that come through your return vents. 

Can UV Lights Improve My Air Quality

Regardless of your HVAC models or their effectiveness, installing UV lights can make a genuine impact on the air quality inside your home. The build-up of specific molds, germs, and bacteria can become inevitable in your modern home that uses excessive air conditioning and heating. UV lights are possibly the most efficient way to kill dangerous mold and mildew that can contribute to allergies, respiratory illnesses, or more serious conditions. These systems can also eliminate odors associated with clogged drains and mildew, and reduce your chance of cold and flu contraction! 

Call Raynor’s Team of Trusted Technicians! 

As you’ve just read, UV lights for HVAC systems can legitimately fight potential disease and increase the quality of your indoor air. However, these systems cannot perform their function unless they are installed and placed in the right location by certified professionals, and unless certain conditions are met prior to installation. The expert team at Raynor strives to ensure your safety and comfort, and our technicians are extremely knowledgeable in the latest air purification technology and practices. Call our team today to schedule your UV Light installation and enjoy the cleanest air for your family at (609) 845-3460 today! 

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