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“Electrical Safety 101” for Your College Student

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As a family-owned company, the safety of your family is important to us, and just like electrical safety is important in your home, it’s equally important for your kids that are going off to college. Before you know it, you’ll be moving your child into their dorm room, and as exciting as that is, it can also be a bit scary for parents. That’s why the experts at Raynor Services came up with dorm room electrical safety tips for your college students, so you can help increase their safety—and your peace of mind—while they’re living in their dorm room.

Be Mindful of Extension Cords and Strips

Dormitories are home to many students, and because of this, several appliances and gadgets are plugged into the outlets at all times. Although your student may want to use extension cords or extension strips to plug in many of their electronics, this can lead to overloaded circuits, so it’s best to keep these electrical accessories to a minimum. When it comes to choosing the cords and strips that you do let them use, be sure to opt for ones that are equipped with their own circuit breaker, as well as surge protector strips that will help keep their electronics safe.

Focus on Correct Electrical Placement and Wattage

When it comes to electrical wires, where you place them is crucial. To help your child prevent electrical fires in their dorm room, make sure that there are no wires running under carpets or doors. Also, although your college student may think that stapling and pinning wires is “smart,” this will increase the chances of an electrical fire. Another thing to be aware of is the wattage of the bulbs in their lamps; using one that’s too high could cause a fire—avoid this by checking the label on the lamp for the wattage that’s allowed.

School Your Kids in Clutter and Decor

Whether it’s your child’s first year at school or their fourth, chances are their dorm room is cluttered with dirty laundry, clean clothes, textbooks, food, and countless other things—their wall is also most likely covered with posters. Because all of these things can be a fire hazard, it should all be kept to a minimum as much as possible. In fact, a good rule to follow for wall decor is to only cover 50% of their wall. It’s also important to educate them on the dangers of laying any materials over a heating source or lamp.

Take Note of Outlets

Just like the outlets in your home can become old, so can the ones in your child’s dorm room. Although you can check the condition of the outlets while you’re helping them move in by looking for cracks or discoloration in cover plates, it’s important to tell your child to be aware of ones that become warm to the touch. If they’re overloading an outlet—of an outlet in their dorm room is outdated—its temperature will rise and can potentially cause a fire. By giving them this knowledge, you’re giving them the power to keep their dorm room safer.

Fun Tip: Here’s How Lights Can Let Your Students Express Themselves (Safely)

Hanging up lights in a dorm room can be a fun way for college students to highlight their space, showcase their creativity—but there are smart ways to do it and no-so-smart ways to do it. LED lights are a great option that will achieve the look your child is going for without getting too hot (and putting their safety in jeopardy). Rather than using tacks or nails to hang them up, use clear hooks that will keep them intact without distracting from the look of the lights.

In need of some inspiration? Click here to check out these fun and innovative ways to add lighting to a dorm space, while keeping dorm room electrical safety in mind!

When it comes to electrical safety, you can always count on Raynor Services in Mt. Holly, NJ! Whether you need to upgrade the safety in your home or you want to make your home’s electrical system more efficient, the team at Raynor can help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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