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Get Your Home in the Game: Here’s Why Ethernet Is Better Than WiFi For Online Gaming

Whether online gaming is your way of staying in touch with friends, it’s your hobby that you like to enjoy without any interruptions, or you’re a serious eSports player, choosing to use a WiFi or Ethernet connection can change your entire experience. The wiring experts at Raynor Services are here with three reasons why Ethernet is better than WiFi for online gaming, so you can always be in beast mode!

Faster Speeds That Are an Absolute Joy(stick) 
Even though WiFi is getting faster and faster — and the “real-world” differences between WiFi and Ethernet aren’t THAT significant for things like streaming and surfing the web — when it comes to gaming, Ethernet still outperforms WiFi in the speed department. Plus, if you choose to wire your home with Cat6 cables, your online gaming experience will be taken to the next level. 

Hit Pause on Unreliable Connections and Push Play on Consistency 
Because WiFi is not hardwired into a home, it is more prone to inconsistent connections, which can cause you to temporarily lose your WiFi signal, experience higher latency or deal with lower connection speeds. Unlike with WiFi — which can be interfered by your home’s layout, objects that block the signal, electrical devices, or other people’s WiFi networks — the Ethernet will never give you an unreliable connection. For serious online video gamers, the unreliable connection that’s experienced from WiFi is a dealbreaker. Ethernet is better than WiFi for online gaming, so it’s time to switch over to an Ethernet connection. 

Power Up Lower Latency and Enjoy Better Reaction Times
Faster speeds and a more reliable connection are two things that every online gamer wants out of a connection, but latency — which is the time it takes for traffic to get from a device to its destination — is another huge component. With an Ethernet connection, the latency time will be drastically lower than with WiFi. So if you’re playing an online video game that requires you to make a move quickly, you may want to consider hardwiring your home with Ethernet cables. 

If you’re looking to rewire your home or hardwire it with Ethernet cables, the experts at Raynor Services in Mount Holly, NJ, are here to help IRL, so contact us today!

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