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Close up for Winter and Prepare for Spring Safely with an AC Tune Up and Furnace Maintenance!

The groundhog may have seen his shadow, but the temperatures of Spring have already started to bloom. Ensuring that your home is properly maintained is important for making sure that your furnace is correctly tucked in for the warmer seasons and your AC unit is ready to fire up when the hot weather arrives. Let Raynor help you with understanding why and how you can make sure your home and family are safe.

Why Raynor?

Raynor Electric has been the local industry leader in delivering quality service to the Medford, New Jersey area for many years. Our qualified technicians handle everything from solar power installation and generator maintenance to heating and air conditioning. Anything electric is our business – and your safety and comfort are our priority. Our uniformed staff will help you understand the services we provide, supply you with upfront pricing, and keep your home clean in the process.

Furnace Maintenance and an AC Tune Up: The Winning Combination!

Closing up for winter is important to help you maintain the life expectancy of your appliances and minimize the wear and tear. Why not combine this with an AC Tune Up? This combination is an efficient way to take care of both services with a technician who is familiar with both. You’ll be able to understand exactly what may be necessary to prolong the lifespan of both your furnace and your air conditioner.
Furnace Maintenance is an important step to take care of to make sure that your heating elements are not under stress as they “grow cold” during the warming weather and summer months. Waiting until fall could mean that your filtration systems become overloaded. By shutting down your heating with a furnace maintenance appointment, you can be sure that none of the details will be missed and you’ll be ready to go once you need it again in the fall.
In the same breath, your air conditioner is about to have to move to full tilt here shortly. Making sure that your air conditioner has enough freon, your refrigerant’s systems are all tuned and tightened, and your filters are making sure that the collected dust doesn’t make its way into your indoor air.
Both systems have a direct impact on the quality of your indoor air. Both furnace maintenance and AC Tune Ups involve cleaning or replacing your air filters if necessary. With more hazards and pollutants than ever, Raynor knows that the comfort and safety of your air is in our hands. Many publications and news outlets have started publicizing the effects of our air on our quality of life – you can read more about the hazards here . This means it is particularly important to have a licensed professional handle your system’s needs!

Why is this Important?

Furnace Maintenance will involve calibrating your thermostat, checking your thermocouple, and tightening all your connections – and that’s only three of the 15+ things on the entire list! A furnace maintenance appointment will make sure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible. But why is this important?

  • Maintains the Safety and Comfort of your home
  • Saves money on your bills by promoting efficiency
  • Catches problems before they become an emergency

Before you turn on your AC…

An AC Tune up is just that – a way to make sure a professional is on hand to oversee your system as it stretches its legs in the beginning of the warmer season. When you schedule an AC tune up, your system will get inspected by a licensed professional to help you avoid emergencies down the line. In addition to prevention, this also gets a professional into your home to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and your system isn’t costing you more in heating and cooling bills than it should.
Raynor’s team is standing by to help you get your furnace and air conditioner tuned up as the seasons are transitioning. Call us today to schedule an AC Tune Up!

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