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How Can Air Purifiers Help In Our Fight Against COVID-19?

How Air Purifiers Help With Sicknesses (Covid-19)

For years, many homes and businesses have used air purifiers to clean the air we breathe in these spaces. This is important because we spend a large portion of our lives indoors and air quality affects our overall health. Over the past year, since COVID-19 began infecting people and changing our way of life, air purification systems have become more and more important. Knowing that COVID-19 is an airborne virus, these systems have the ability to dramatically improve our quality of life indoors as we get through this pandemic.

One company has a product that is leading the way for air purification systems that can effectively eliminate COVID-19 particles in the air.  At the beginning of December 2020, a company out of Dallas, TX, ActivePure, applied for FDA approval for their variety of plug-in air purifiers that have the ability to kill airborne virus particles that lead to COVID-19 in less than three minutes.

While air purifiers have been around for a while, what makes the ActivePure technology unique is how the system works. Typical air purifier systems pull in air, clean it using a fan and filter system, and push out the clean air. ActivePure technology goes a step further. The ActivePure technology brings in free oxygen and water molecules and creates special molecules that go through an ultraviolet light with the addition of NASA-inspired technology that sends the new ionized molecules back out into the area and actually attacks and destroys microorganisms, effectively killing COVID-19 in the air.

“Going out on the attack and proactively neutralizing COVID-19 viruses is a highly effective way to minimize the amount of virus that reaches your mask or lands on surfaces you may touch,” said Andy Eide, Vice President of Engineering at ActivePure in a statement.

If you think this sounds incredibly progressive as far as science and technology go, you would be correct, as ActivePure is the only air cleaning technology that has been awarded the Certified Space Technology Seal of Approval by the Space Foundation. This is a very prestigious award that must include very specific criteria. 

Recently, the product has been tested in CDC-approved laboratories to see how the product did against COVID-19. After testing, it came back with rave reviews, effectively reducing the virus’s concentration in the air by 99%!

This past summer, one of the company’s air purification systems that include ActivePure technology, the Aerus Medical Guardian, was given FDA designation to be used as a medical device in healthcare settings. It was proven to kill 99.98% of the virus, an incredible feat. 

The company offers a range of products with ActivePure Technology that is sold through HVAC contractors (like Raynor Services), Aerus franchisees, and Vollara distributors. Products range in size and price. Currently, the only way to purchase these systems is through an ActivePure vendor. They are not yet available directly to consumers. 

If this is a technology that you are interested in learning more about, the team at Raynor Services is here to answer any and all questions you may have! We are able to get this product and install it in any residential home or commercial building. Contact Raynor Services by calling us at (609) 845-3460 for a quote today!

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