FAQ: Knob and Tube Replacement in Pennsaucken

Do You Have Knob and Tube Wiring? Replace it Today! Once upon a time, knob and tube wiring was a popular choice in homes in Pennsaucken and beyond. From about the 1880s until well past the 1930s, many southern New Jersey homes were built using this wiring method. While this method is no longer used today  … Read more

Electrician in Medford

Electrical Services: The Raynor Way When you need an electrician in Medford, you need professional service that won’t let you down. What’s more, you need a reliable electrical service that will provide you with the results you need the first time around – and all at an affordable price. Think this is an impossible mission?  … Read more

Electric Safety in Mount Laurel

How To: Stay Safe if Dealing with Water Damaged Electrical Equipment There’s no denying that Hurricane Sandy changed the way homeowners approached electric safety in Mount Laurel. Thanks to rising flood waters and subsequent water damage, homeowners found themselves vulnerable to a number of dangers from water-damaged equipment. Issues of electric safety in Mount Laurel  … Read more

Why You Need Three Prong Electrical Outlets in Maple Shade

Check your outlets.  If yours have only two prongs, it’s time for an upgrade.  Here’s why… Two prong electrical outlets are old fashioned, and not in a hip, vintage sort of way.  They are old fashioned in an outdated and unsafe way that may be harmful to you, your home, or your business.  Two prongs  … Read more

Ask a Merchantville Electrician: How To Improve Electrical Safety

Improving the electrical safety and performance of your home or business sounds like a good idea, right?  Saving money while improving energy efficiency?  Sign me up!  But, how to start? Our Recommendations: Top Ways to Improve Electrical Safety and Performance While some of these suggestions may seem more or less like common sense, none are  … Read more

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide in Your Trenton Home

Four Tips to Help Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Here are Raynor Services, we want to help you and your family better understand the dangerous effects of carbon monoxide. You’ve probably heard the stories, but maybe you didn’t think it could happen to you. While it is a rare occurrence, we want you to be prepared  … Read more

Safely Wiring New Home Appliances Berlin

When it comes to wiring up new appliances in your home, here’s a tip: don’t go it alone.  Avoid unnecessary risk of property damage or personal injury and leave the electrical wiring work to our trained professionals.  Why? Electrical systems are complex and can easily become unstable and dangerous if mismanaged.  Electrical wiring, even for the  … Read more

Home Re-Wiring in Trenton

Make Your Home Safer With Updated Wiring Have you recently thought about remodeling your home and wondered what you were going to do with the electrical wiring you currently have in place? Remodeling can be fun, but when doing so there is always the risk of running into electrical problems. If you live in an  … Read more

Difference Between a Fuse Box and Circuit Breaker in Berlin

Fuse Boxes & Circuit Breakers: What Do They Share in Common? Let’s start with the similarities between a fuse box and a circuit breaker panel.    Both of these electrical systems work to prevent problems associated with overloaded electrical circuits.  This means they function as your home’s first defense against potential electrical fires.  That said, they  … Read more

Whole House Electrical System Grounding Trenton

Protect Your Home and Your Family With a Grounded Electrical System At Raynor Services, we are often answering the same types of customer questions, the biggest one being: How can proper grounding of a home’s electrical wiring make my home safer? While we never mind informing our customers, we thought it’d be a great idea  … Read more