Ask a Berlin Electrician: Top 3 Signs of Electrical Problems

Whether your Berlin residence was recently built or has been there for years, most problems in its electrical system will display some warning signs before they become serious. Being able to recognize these signs and react appropriately can help you know when it’s time to call up Raynor Services to help avert an unsafe electrical  … Read more

Electrical Burning Smell in Willingboro

Here’s an important safety tip: if you notice a burning smell emanating from an outlet or light fixture in your home DO NOT IGNORE IT. In most cases, the smell you’re picking up on will be linked to singed or overheating electrical wires and devices. These often emit a distinct burning odor when they are  … Read more

Top 5 Signs You Need Furnace Maintenance in Southern New Jersey

1. Inadequate heat production.                                                    This can point to a whole range of issues within your furnace, most of which can be remedied with a professional tune up by Raynor Services. So call in one of our heating experts to test your furnace before it gets too cold to check if it’s putting out enough heat  … Read more

Ask a Southern New Jersey Heating Expert: All About Furnace Filters

When you turn your thermostat on, an electrical signal travels through your home wiring eventually arriving at your furnace. Then a valve switch begins the combustion process. Once the furnace is heated up, another component activates the blower fan, which circulates warm air into the living areas of your home. And while all this is  … Read more

5 Ways that Furnace Replacement in Southern New Jersey Will Change Your Life

A brand new, high performance, energy efficient furnace will make your home a more comfortable, warm and inviting environment than ever before.  Today’s state-of-the-art   furnaces offer enhanced comfort because they cycle on and off less frequently providing increased warmth and conserving more energy all at a lower operating cost. The majority of new furnaces that  … Read more

Furnace Tune Up in Southern New Jersey

Furnaces Need Some Love More Than Once a Year   If you’re a long time home owner, then you know the furnace tune up rule well. Once a year, you have a technician come out to your home and perform a thorough inspection on your heating system to ensure it will work reliably all winter  … Read more