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What Is Radiant Heating?

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You are not alone if the freezing winter temperatures make you want to stay snuggled up inside every day. That being said, it raises the question of if every room in your home should be equally toasty? If the upstairs of your home and the downstairs feel like completely different seasons, then you may want to look into radiant heating. 

What is radiant heating? Radiant heating connects to the running heating elements under your home’s floors and walls. Instead of heating a room directly through heat transfer, radiant heating systems send the heat directly to you. There is no need for a baseboard heater or radiator, which are used to heat the air in the room around you. With no air movement, radiant heating reduces the particulate matter in the air. These systems can be installed into your home where it is impossible to expand on your current heating system. 

Before purchasing a radiant heating system, it is important to be aware of this system’s functions and how it could be beneficial to you and your home. Along with temperatures being different on each floor of your home, other signs to look out for include, cold areas in various rooms, if anyone in your family is experiencing allergies, or if you are adding a new addition to your home! At Raynor Services, we are here to support you with all your radiant heating needs! 

Radiant Heating Benefits

Before adding a radiant heating system to your home, it is important to do your research and explore the benefits. 

First, electric radiant heating is clean, quiet, energy-efficient, and allergy-friendly! It will produce a consistent temperature throughout your home and will help control the humidity levels. No more dry air, dry skin, or severe sinus issues. 

Being able to run on gas, wood, oil, solar, and more, radiant heating is very flexible and you do not have to commit all at once. You can add radiant heating to your home room by room! This form of heating is aesthetically pleasing and there is no need for ductwork, meaning there will be less maintenance in the future. Most importantly, no more cold feet! The floors of your home will stay toasty no matter the temperature outside!

Electric Radiant Heating System

With any radiant heating system, panels are installed in the floorboards of your home. The floors heat up when needed by either electricity, hot water, or air. 

Specifically, radiant heating has electric cables that are built into the floor, or a set of mats are installed on the subfloor. These mats use electrically conductive plastic. This system will only work if it is used in conjunction with a thick concrete floor. Concrete flooring provides a thermal mass that helps store the heat in the floor for long periods. While this option can be expensive, it is common amongst homeowners due to the benefits! 

Why Choose Raynor Services 

The experts at Raynor Services can assist you in everything from determining the best floor material, picking out a radiant heating method, planning out the full job plan, and providing a cost estimate! We know what you need when it comes to all things home improvement. Contact us today to get started on your radiant heating journey! 

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