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Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips

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Hey New Jersey, are you ready for the winter? The frigid temperatures are dropping, the cold winter winds are already starting to blow in, and the snow will be here before you know it. To help you combat the extreme elements, the team at Raynor Services wants to make sure that your HVAC systems are prepped and ready for anything thrown their way this winter! 

From professional maintenance checks to new furnace installations, handy HVAC tips for the average homeowner to complete renovations, Raynor technicians are ready to answer any questions you may have about keeping your home warm, cozy, and comfortable this winter. Below are some HVAC tips for winter that are sure to help! 

Clean Your Air Filters and Vents: 

As we’ll be spending more time inside during these cold months, it’s essential that your indoor air quality is safe and incredibly clean. It also means that your furnace or heater will be working overtime to provide quality heat to your home! When was the last time you cleaned your air filter? How about the last time you even looked at the vents? Clean air filters and vents are essential for two main reasons. First, dirty filters that are old or unregulated will do the opposite of what they’re designed for, circulating dust, allergens, or similar contaminants throughout your home. Also, when filters get clogged, they force your heating systems to work way harder to circulate air, racking up more costs on your energy bills! 

Inspect/Upgrade Thermostat: 

Old thermostats can be unreliable, inefficient, and can direct your furnace to circulate the wrong temperatures. To be consistently comfortable throughout the whole season, hire professionals to inspect your thermostat. Maybe they’ll find that it just needed a quick fix or possibly they’ll recommend a far more efficient system that accommodates your modern home! 

Cover Outdoor Units:

Your A/C condenser plays a pivotal role in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, but not during the winter. If you have a condenser outside, be sure to cover it up and protect it from the inclement weather we’re expecting in New Jersey! From an HVAC maintenance perspective, you can really use any sort of cover that is durable and big enough to protect the whole system, but we can recommend purchasing a fitted cover! You do not want ice building up and causing major issues, especially when this condenser will not be in use for months.

Schedule a Tune-Up/Inspection! 

If you really want to make sure your heating systems are in order, the best thing to do is to make an appointment with trained, trusted professionals. These technicians will thoroughly inspect your systems and appliances to figure out unique errors and recommend the perfect solution for them. Raynor provides comprehensive furnace tune-ups that include a collection of critical system tests, replacement of dirty furnaces and vents, a tightening of electrical connections, and way more. Neglecting your furnace will actually cost you more in the long run, so be sure to schedule regular maintenance and tune-up services! 

Call Raynor Today! 

Raynor Services is your full-service partner for anything HVAC, Electrical, or Solar. When you want to ensure your home is ready for the winter, you can count on our decades of technical experience, thousands of satisfied customers, and an unrivaled level of professionalism! Did you enjoy these HVAC tips for winter? Call us today to schedule your HVAC maintenance check at (609) 845-3460

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