Our skilled technicians with Raynor Services are ready to help if you are in need of breaker panel service and repair in Southern New Jersey. This type of problem is serious and must be addressed immediately because an overheated circuit breaker could cause a devastating fire. Please call us as soon as you can so we can get this problem fixed, and get it fixed quickly.

Breaker Panel Services in Southern New Jersey

We will make sure that your circuit breaker is working the way it should be by checking for damage or corrosion, adding conductive jelly where necessary, and tightening any loose connections. These improvements will not only help your sensitive electronics work the way they should, they will also improve your home’s safety.

Upgrading Old Electrical Equipment in Southern New Jersey

Older homes, those that were built 30 or more years ago, need to have their electrical systems inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are safe. Call us immediately if you notice any sort of wear, such as the jacket surrounding cables appearing as if it has dried out.

Typically, older homes’ fuses are still housed in their original metal box. Sometimes, circuits have been spliced into the old box to replace these fuses. If you notice ceramic wire nuts used in your wire connections, this work is probably several decades old. We have even seen some homes that are more than 100 years old that still have their original wiring. You are in serious need of a wiring upgrade if this applies to you.

If a home is of a certain age and still has its original wiring, several insurance companies won’t even cover them. Please don’t wait to call Raynor Services, because if you wait too long it may be too late.

The Dangers of Old Electrical Systems in Southern New Jersey

You may think that your electrical system is fine, but it could be seriously degrading without you even being aware. If a wire’s insulation has disappeared, it can easily lead to a fire or an electrocution.

Take that risk out of the equation by calling Raynor Services as soon as you can, before an injury or serious property damage takes place. We will take care of your system as fast as we can, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it is as safe as it can be.