Your home relies on electricity to perform the day to day functions of modern life, and we frequently take this power for granted — but the reality is that electrical current can be extremely dangerous when not handled carefully. That’s why it’s so important to have an updated and efficient electrical panel.

The purpose of your electrical panel, whether it’s a fuse box or a circuit breaker, is to stop the flow of electricity should your system ever be overloaded. That’s why your power surges if you use too many large appliances at once — if your electrical system’s capacity is overloaded, your panel stops the current before it can do damage. If your panel didn’t trip the current when the system overloaded, the electricity could melt your wires and cause electrical fires. To keep your home as safe as possible, schedule an electrical panel inspection replacement today.

New Jersey Electrical Panel Inspection and Repair Services 

We will make sure that your circuit breaker is working the way it should be by checking for damage or corrosion, adding conductive jelly where necessary, and tightening any loose connections. These improvements will not only help your sensitive electronics work the way they should, but they will also improve your home’s safety.

Upgrading Old New Jersey Electrical Panels 

Older homes, meaning those that were built 30 or more years ago, need to have their electrical systems inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are safe. Call us immediately if you notice any sort of wear, such as the jacket surrounding cables appearing as if it has dried out because this means the safety of your electrical panel — and your home — is at risk.

Typically, older homes’ fuses are still housed in their original metal box. Sometimes, circuits have been spliced into the old box to replace these fuses. If you notice ceramic wire nuts used in your wire connections, this work is probably several decades old. We have even seen some homes that are more than 100 years old that still have their original wiring. You are in serious need of a wiring upgrade if this applies to you.

If a home is of a certain age and still has its original wiring, several insurance companies won’t even cover them. Please don’t wait to call Raynor Services, because if you wait too long it may be too late.

The Dangers of Old Electrical Systems in Southern New Jersey

You may think that your electrical system is fine, but it could be seriously degrading without you even being aware. If a wire’s insulation has disappeared, it can easily lead to a fire or electrocution.

Take that risk out of the equation by calling Raynor Services before an injury or serious property damage takes place. We will take care of your system as fast as we can, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it is as safe as it can be.

Do You Have a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Panel?

Between 1950 and 1980, the Federal Pacific Electric Company was among the most popular installers of electrical panels in the entire U.S. Today, however, FPE panels are recognized as being fire hazards — in fact, the state of New Jersey eventually filed a class-action lawsuit against the Federal Pacific Electric Company for “knowingly and purposefully distributing circuit breakers which were not tested to meet UL standards.”

Are you one of the many homeowners in the New Jersey area who still has one of these outdated, inefficient, and unsafe electrical panels? Go check right now — your electrical panel is generally located in your basement in a wall-mounted rectangular box. If it has the FPE logo on it, it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade right now.

Is Your Panel Able to Support the Electricity in Your Home?

Is Your Panel Able to Support the Electricity in Your Home?

As our technology becomes more advanced, our homes need to be able to support more efficient equipment. Have you made a purchase of a large appliance recently? Consider:

  • Refrigerators
  • Dish Washers
  • Laundry Machines
  • Hot Tubs
  • Furnace
  • New HD Television
  • Water Heater

All of these items require a certain amperage in order to properly function. Even if your purchase was a direct replacement, it still may require more amperage — this is because modern technology generally has better efficiency and, as such, handles a larger flow of current.

Are You Currently Noticing the Warning Signs of Panel Failure?

If your electrical panel is outdated or undersized, you may start to notice the following:

  • Flickering lights (particularly when larger appliances turn on)
  • Visible rust/discoloration on the panel
  • Buzzing sounds from the machine
  • Lightbulbs appliances have shorter lifespans than estimated
  • Power surges become frequent
  • You never have enough outlets for your devices

Don’t risk your family’s safety by having an electrical panel that can’t support and control the electricity in your home properly. Call Raynor Services for an electrical panel repair, inspection, or upgrade today, and start having safer, more efficient electricity in your home!

If you live in Burlington County, NJ, Ocean County, NJ, Atlantic County, NJ, or Camden County, NJ, our team will provide you with the electrical panel safety services you need to keep your home safe. Contact us to schedule your electrical panel repair or inspection appointment with our team today!