Your safety is our top priority at Raynor Services. We have several years of experience in troubleshooting minor home electrical issues. Give us a call and we will help prevent power outages, electrical fires, and other problems by performing routine maintenance and other checks.

Fixing Exposed or Dried Wiring

Your home’s outside wiring can be seriously affected by harsh elements. While it is a good idea for this wiring to be housed in PVC pipe, this pipe can also be damaged by extreme weather, which can make it crack and become brittle. Ice, for example, can build up, and expose electrical cables.

Metal never becomes brittle, though, so we can replace your PVC pipe with a metal conduit. It will make your home safer because it will last longer.

Generator Wiring

A generator is great if your power goes out, but it can be a hazard if not installed correctly. Some models need to be connected to a home’s wiring, and this job should only be done by a trained technician. At Raynor Services, we know how to safely and efficiently wire home generators.

One way of doing so is by installing a manual transfer switch. This not only protects our technicians by keeping electricity from feeding back into our lines, it also protects your home wiring, generator, and appliances when the power comes back on.

If you have a portable generator, you should always try to use it outside so you don’t run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure you use it in a dry area, well away from your home’s air intakes, that is well ventilated. If you can use it under a carport or canopy, or in an open shed, that would be perfect.

Chirping Smoke Detectors

You probably know you should change your smoke detector once a year, but you probably don’t know you should replace the whole thing every eight to 10 years. The same thing goes for carbon monoxide detectors. At Raynor Services, we will replace all of your detectors quickly and efficiently, and make sure they will work when you need them the most.

When you hear a “chirping” sound from your detector, more than likely you think you need a new battery. That may be the case, but if that chirping continues even after you replace the battery, call Raynor Services as soon as you can.

Whatever kind of troubleshooting help you need, we’re ready to help. We will provide you with an estimate before any work starts, and clearly explain all of your options. We will make sure your electrical system is as safe as it can be.