Many people call us for flickering lights repair because they are fed up with their lights going off an on all of the time. Give us a call at Raynor Services if you’re having the same problem and we’ll take care of it as quickly as possible.

If your lights are flickering every minute, there are several reasons this may be happening. Here are some of the most common, and how we can take care of them.

Reasons that Lights Flicker

There is a certain amount of voltage that needs to be used so that current can freely flow through a wire. This is referred to as “resistance,” and leads to various appliances getting less voltage. When appliances turn on and off, that affects the amount of voltage that is going to your lights. As a result, they flicker.

Many appliances also have what’s known as “inrush current,” which leads to a significant voltage drop. This means that when an appliance first turns on, it draws a great deal more current. If you have your electrical system updated, this flickering can be greatly reduced.

When Flickering Lights are Signs of Larger Problems

If flickering only happens every once in a while, then you probably don’t have a reason to be worried. But if you haven’t had any work done to your electrical system and the flickering happens more often, then you could have a more serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Examples of these problems are:

A circuit connection that has become loose – More than likely, dangerous heating is occurring at the connection point. This is a very serious problem and can lead to a high risk of fire and electrocution. You need this fixed immediately.

A hard-starting motor – The flickering you are seeing may actually not have anything to do with your electrical system; it could be a motor in a large appliance, such as an air conditioner or a furnace. A motor that is having problems with its bearings, for example, will have to work harder when it starts. As a result, flickering will be more noticeable because that motor has to draw more current.

A switch that has failed – This is a problem that needs to be addressed soon, but it is not as serious.

Call the professionals with Raynor Services if you are tired of the constant flickering in your home. We’ll come to your home as soon as possible, and we will determine whether that flickering is caused by something dangerous or something minor. We will clearly explain what it going on, and we won’t start any work unless you agree with our determination.