When your home has a reversible heating pump, you can control the temperature in your home all year round! That is because heat pumps have both heating and cooling functionality and can be programmed to switch as the seasons change. Heat pumps are an immensely convenient and energy-efficient addition to your home, and when you have one installed by the team here at Raynor Services, you can be confident that you will be comfortable in your home all year long!


Affordable New Heat Pumps from Raynor Services

Unfortunately, if you had a different company install your heat pump, or if your heat pump is over ten years old, it may start to have problems. After all, heat pumps have a limited lifespan, and with new heat pump models entering the market every year, it gets to the point where it no longer makes sense to continue wasting your money on repairing your old system. If this is the case for you, don’t worry: the experts here at Raynor Services can have a new heat pump installed for you in no time at all. Not only will a heat pump replacement help you avoid constantly relying on emergency heating services, but it will also save you money in the long run! And that’s what we call a win-win.


Signs You Need a New Heat Pump

If you’re looking to avoid a complete replacement, it’s crucial to have routine maintenance services performed on your heat pump. Regular maintenance ensures your system is working efficiently and not at risk of failing. However, there are situations where your heat pump requires a replacement. Early recognition of these troublesome symptoms can help you stay ahead of the problem. When you notice the below warning signs, know you can contact the professionals at Raynor Services for a cost-effective and timely heat pump replacement:


  • Frequent repairs – Do you always rely on emergency heating repair services? Is your system constantly having issues? It could be time for a new heat pump. While your equipment can sustain normal wear and tear over the years, frequent repairs point to a much larger problem. Stop spending time on multiple repairs, and better invest your money with a new heat pump. 
  • Rising utility bills – If your heat pump is older, its performance and energy efficiency are negatively affected. Your utility bills increase as your heat pump works harder and runs longer to keep your home comfortable. 
  • Loud noises – As your heat pump starts to fail, you might notice loud or unusual noises that often signal trouble. Be aware of rattling, screeching, or banging sounds from your heat pump; these are signs you need a new system. 


Heat Pump Replacement Benefits

When your heat pump stops working correctly, you might start seeing higher energy charges on your utility bills, or your home’s temperature control will simply be ineffective or inadequate. By replacing your old heat pump with a new heat pump, you and your home will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Better energy efficiency 
  • Year-round temperature coverage 
  • Hybrid dual-fuel temperature control 
  • Lower utility bills


Why Choose Raynor Services to Install Your New Heat Pump?

Are you ready to upgrade your old heat pump to a new, more energy-efficient, and effective system? Then contact us today to schedule your heat pump installation appointment! We can help you secure the best comfort, product and programs to save you money when you purchase it and for years to come!  The team at Raynor Services provides heat pump installation and replacement services to the following areas: