Are you warm everywhere you go in your home? Temperatures remain low in many parts of the country, so it is important that you remain in toasty comfort in every room of your home. If you are equally warm upstairs as you are downstairs, then perhaps radiant heating is for you.

Radiant heating involves running heating elements underneath your floor or inside your walls that then heat the room through direct heat transfer. Unlike a baseboard heater or a radiator, which heats the air in the room, radiant heating systems transmit their heat directly to you. There is no air movement, which cuts down on particulate matter in the air, and these systems can even be extended into home additions where it is impractical to extend your current heating system.

Signs You Need Radiant Heating

  • Temperature difference between floors
  • Significant allergies in your family
  • New addition to your home
  • Cold zones in various rooms
  • Stay warmer at lower temperatures

Radiant Heating Features

Radiant heating allows you to keep warm and comfortable year round because you are heated from your toes to your head instead of from head-to-toe as in a conventional system. It also cuts down on the number of allergens in your home and makes your living space cleaner and healthier. Radiant heating is also safer for small children because there are no air ducts for them to drop crayons down or radiators to burn themselves on.

In addition to determining your capability for radiant heating, when the experts at Raynor Services arrive on the scene, we will:

  • Determine what floor material is best
  • Pick a radiant heating method
  • Spec out the full job
  • Provide a cost estimate

Radiant Heating Benefits

Installing radiant heating in a new home or home addition is a good way to keep everyone healthy and happy. In fact, many systems heat up within minutes and leave you in toasty comfort in any room in your home. If you have cold rooms in your house, no matter how hot you turn up the thermostat, then radiant heating can help eliminate that.

A few common benefits of radiant heating include:

  • Lower allergen count
  • Cost efficiency
  • Consistent temperatures

For all of your radiant heating needs, look no further than Raynor Services. Call us today!