A home heating system that uses two separate fuel-sources is called a “hybrid,” and the most advanced, practical, and efficient combination available for homeowners in Southern New Jersey is natural gas and electric. Between these two sources, you can get the best heating benefits on the current market, and your home will be consistently and affordably comfortable all year round.

Hybrid Dual-Fuel System Equipment

Natural gas and electric power complement each other’s strengths in such a way that we at Raynor recommend every New Jersey homeowner consider a hybrid dual-fuel system installation today. But what will you need?

The two pieces need for a hybrid dual-fuel system installation are a natural gas furnace and a reversible heat pump. Between these two devices items, you can create an automatic temperature control system for all seasons. That’s because heat pumps can be pre-set for heating and cooling. The year-round energy-efficiency of a hybrid dual-fuel system makes it an investment in both convenience and consolidation.

What Does a Hybrid System Do?

When you invest in a hybrid dual-fuel system replacement, your home can automatically transition between heating and cooling according to the temperature outside. It’s the perfect investment to keep your home cool all year round.

The Raynor Services professionals install only the most trusted brands of heat pumps on the market, and with our guaranteed quality service, you can get all-inclusive conversion this year!

We provide hybrid dual-fuel system replacement and installation services to the following NJ areas:

Benefits of Hybrid Dual-Fuel Systems

Reduce your carbon footprint, your heating bills, and your waste by choosing hybrid this year.  You can start saving time, money, and the environment by calling us to learn more about hybrid dual-fuel systems from the experts right now!

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