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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation

When you call Raynor Services for your indoor and outdoor lighting installation, you’ll add ambiance, and even increase your home’s safety. We can help you design a system that will have the inside and outside of your home looking great, and make sure it is installed correctly the first time.

Trying any sort of lighting installation on your own can be dangerous if you don’t have any experience. Call us to make sure it is done as safely as possible.

Selecting Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

We will help you select the right lighting system for your needs, making sure it not only looks great, but also works right. We will check the inside and outside of your home to make sure you get the system that is right for you.

You can count on us for everything from plant lighting to soft lighting for your bathroom or bedroom. We will provide a system that is energy efficient to help keep your energy bill as low as possible every month.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

Your installation process will depend on the location of your lighting, and the type of lighting you want to be installed.

We may, for instance, add your indoor lighting to one of your home’s existing circuits. We might have to add circuits or wiring if you are adding lighting to a remodeled area of your home, or there are no electrical connections in the area you want outside lights added. This will obviously take longer, but our work will bring you a lighting system that will work properly for years and will be in compliance with all local codes.

Call Raynor Services and we will take care of all your indoor or outdoor lighting needs, no matter how large or small your job may be. We will get your installation done quickly, and get it done right the first time

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