Clean and renewable energy is a growing necessity in today’s economy and climate. The benefits are obvious for your solar installation with Raynor. As a full-service company, we handle every piece of the process from the moment you give us a call. From permits to construction, you can trust that your investment with Raynor is not only the best customer service, but will be a job done right that can earn you your money back on your solar panel system. 

Advantages of Solar Installation

  • Clean Energy
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Incentives & ROI
  • Quiet Power
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Long-Term Renewable Energy Investment
  • Federal Energy Tax Credits

The Raynor Process For Solar Installation

It all starts with a FREE estimate on your property – we’ll come to you for an estimate and assess your power requirements, as well as the available space and scope for the project. The investment you make with Raynor to handle your solar job comes with outstanding customer service and full-spectrum assistance with your decision to go solar. Municipal and state contracts will be handled from our offices directly, allowing you to trust the professionals with a job done right from start to finish.