Buying a new appliance for your kitchen, only to find out that it needs wiring in order for it to work, can be extremely frustrating. You may have heard that this wiring is easy, but if you don’t have any experience, you’re stuck. If this happens to you, call Raynor Services and we will quickly take care of your wiring so that you can start enjoying that new appliance.

The Importance of Using an Electrician for Kitchen Appliance Wiring 

If you try any sort of wiring job on your own – no matter how minor you think it may be – you run the risk of causing a serious injury or devastating property damage. If you try to wire that new appliance yourself, you could very well cause a malfunction that renders it useless.

You could, for example, misread the electrical distribution panels that show what breakers are connected to what circuits. Or, you may simply not be able to decipher the instructions. You could actually be endangered due to a non-descriptive diagram, or poorly documented, or vague instructions.

Take that risk out of the equation by leaving this type of work to a professional with Raynor Services.

Kitchen Appliance Wiring Complexity

Modern kitchens have all manner of sophisticated electronics and appliances. These include counter receptacles that can run multiple appliances at once, lights found in, on and under cabinets, and more. In many kitchens, separate circuits are needed to handle appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and others.

Most appliances run on a 120-volt circuit, but larger ones run on a 240-volt circuit. Your garbage disposal could fit into an under-sink receptacle in such a way that one plug remains “hot.” This means that you can plug in the disposal as well as a hot-water dispenser. Or, your disposal could be hardwired into a switched box. That new dishwasher could be on its own circuit, or it could share a circuit with that disposal.

If that last paragraph made little sense, then please don’t even think about trying to wire any new appliances you have just purchased. Leave it to a trained and skilled electrician with Raynor Services. We will take care of that installation as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy those appliances, and know they will operate as designed because they were safely and correctly installed.