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Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil Problem in Cherry Hill, NJ


Frozen Coil a Common Problem With Simple Solution

This customer reported that her air conditioner was not working properly. She said she looked at the inside unit and noticed that ice had formed on the coils.
This is a common problem that will often have a simple fix. If your air filter is dirty it will restrict the flow of air across the coils. As the air becomes more and more restricted, the coils get too cold. This, in turn, condenses the humidity in the room on the coils and they freeze.
Eventually, the frost that forms will further reduce airflow to the point that the system cannot produce any cool air. Similarly, an outdoor unit’s coils will freeze if they are blocked by weeds or other debris. Make sure you change your filter once every month or two and also make sure your outdoor unit’s coils get enough air.
Besides the evaporator coils freezing, there are two other main issues that we see: You could have either a starved coil, or a flooded one.

  1. If you have a starved coil, that means that not enough refrigerant is being supplied through the total coil length. This results in poor coil operation and too-low heat exchange.
  2. A flooded evaporator coil is the exact opposite of a starved one. If it’s flooded, that means there is too much refrigerant being passed through the evaporator coils, resulting in unexpanded liquid being passed onto the suction line and into the compressor.

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