When your air conditioner breaks down or begins malfunctioning, it’s generally pretty hard to miss. The tricky part is knowing which part of the AC is the source of your problem.

At Raynor Services, we respond to AC repair calls every single day. These types of jobs are simply part of our regular service rotation routine and we make every effort to help our customers understand what causes the problem and how they can avoid it in the future.






Damaged or burned out capacitor.

Capacitor replacement will restore power to AC.

Evaporator Coils

Dirt, bacteria or mold build-up on coils.

Thorough cleaning will restore proper performance and prevent health problems.


Blown, damaged or loosened fuse.

Replacement of fuses will restore power to AC.

Drain Lines

Debris clogging drain lines.

Routinely check and clear drain lines to prevent water damage.


Worn down or stuck relays.

Replacement or repair of malfunctioning relays will restore AC to working order.

Outdoor Fan Motor

Outdoor debris blocking fan, causing overheating.

Manually check and remove debris.

Indoor Fan Motors

Damaged shaft causes noise or decreased air pressure.

Replace or repair blower motor.

Air Handler

Poor air circulation.

Clean or replace air filters/check functionality of blower motor.


AC blowing hot air.

Replace or repair compressor.


Don’t ignore a malfunctioning air conditioner—or you’ll end up paying for it in the end! Let Raynor Services make all necessary repairs and get your AC operating at design performance once again!