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Backup Generator: Summertime Necessity


Why Backup Generators Are Necessary in the Summer

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With the exception of some very talented meteorologists, most people can’t determine when a storm will hit their town and cause neighborhood-wide power outages. What you can do, however, is make sure your home is backed with the reliable power it needs when the inevitable occurs! Backup generators, or standby generators, keep your house running uninterruptedly through even the strongest of winds and the most furious rain periods. 

In the hot summers, many New Jersey residents know the dread of a dormant AC system without the help of a reliable backup power supply. Raynor Services is an expert team of technicians that have provided professional generator services in New Jersey for nearly 30 years. To make sure you’ve never left in the dark again, we’re shining some light on the main benefits of installing a home standby generator



Whether you’re working in your home office or your kids are watching a movie, you never want to take the chance of experiencing long power outages. Home standby generators provide the peace of mind in knowing that even when your neighbors lose their power, your home will be protected. During storms, homes can experience voltage surges caused by power shutting down and then rapidly returning. With an always-prepared emergency backup generator, you can neutralize and avoid these surges to make sure your family is safe and your belongings won’t be destroyed. 


Safe and Simple: 

Today, some people use portable generators as their backup power supply. While these units might be useful in a pinch, home standby generators are the safer, more efficient, and more powerful option for homeowners. For one, standby generators are automatic. This means as soon as your power goes out, you’ll have your lights, appliances, and entertainment systems back on in seconds. In addition, portable generators require you to go outside in the midst of a storm, which can be extremely dangerous especially while working with electrical equipment. With a whole-home system installed and maintained by experts in generator services, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy all of your home’s systems. 


Maximum Power: 

Standby generators can create enough power to provide energy to your entire home. Portable generators have a certain threshold of power they can provide, which almost never is enough to power everything you need or want to enjoy maximum comfort during a storm. Experts recommend utility backup generators for those who require non-stop electricity, as they are designed to power themselves and they extend coverage over long and harsh storms. Experience uninterrupted power while you watch the big game, cook tasty meals for the family, and soak in the cool breeze of the air conditioning!


Trust Raynor For All of Your Generator Needs! 

Don’t wait until your power goes out to start planning your generator installation. An expert from Raynor Services will come to your house, analyze your home energy requirements, and recommend the perfect power backup option for your unique home and needs. After that, our team will get right to work on installing your generator and will provide exceptional maintenance plans to ensure it’s always prepared for the next New Jersey storm! Make sure your family is safe, comfortable, and entertained through any storm and contact us today.  


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