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5 Electrical Safety Tips for Holiday Lights

The holidays are a magical time; spending time with friends and family, home cooked meals and the rush of finding the perfect gift for that special someone. While this time of year can sometimes be hectic and stressful, one thing you shouldn’t have to stress about is your home’s safety. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), every year holiday lights account for over 40% of Christmas tree fires, and overall, decorations cause more than 15,000 injuries! Keep your family and home safe this holiday season with our electrical safety tips if your hanging holiday lights.  

Check All Lights
Before plugging in your string lights, inspect their condition. Look for broken, cracked or missing sockets as well as frayed or damaged wires. If some lights don’t turn on, replace them before stringing them. Also ensure the connections are intact and not loose, which could cause lights to short, resulting in a potential fire hazard.

Keep Live Trees Hydrated
If you’re purchasing a real tree, look for the freshest one possible. Dry trees are one of the top contributors to home fires during the holiday season. Your tree should be bright green with the needles hard to pull from the branches. Water your tree daily to ensure it doesn’t dry out and, if possible, keep your tree away from electrical outlets and fireplaces.

Outdoor Lights Belong Outdoors
Carefully read your holiday lights labels and instructions. Look for lights that include the UL Safety Certification, meaning they are verified by Underwriters Laboratories, who carefully ensure that their products meet all safety requirements. When you go to hang your lights outside, make sure they are made for outdoor use. These lights are designed to handle the cold and inclement weather, while indoor lights are not insulated and will not work with moisture from the outdoors.

Don’t Overload Outlets
Follow the rule of three. Most manufacturers suggest plugging in no more than three sets of lights into a single extension cord or outlet. Overloading your outlets can cause overheating, which can potentially cause a fire. Instead, try plugging in only one high watt device into each outlet. If your outlet feels warm to the touch, it may be time to have it replaced.  

Protect Cords From Damage.
Avoid placing holiday light cords and wires in tight spaces, while also making sure that furniture and rugs are not placed overtop of them. If you’re using extension cords, it’s also a good idea to check them from time to time. If they’re hot, unplug them for a little while. Never attach cords by nails or staples, instead opt for insulated hooks or light clips to avoid shock and damage to your roof or windows. 

Now that you’re armed with these safety tips, it’s time to hang some festive holiday lights! If you suspect faulty switch plates or outlets, contact the team at Raynor Services in Mount Holly, NJ before it’s too late! We can easily replace old outlets as well as increase the safety of your current ones. Contact us today for all your electric, heating, cooling, solar and generator needs!

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