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4 Things to Consider Before Air Conditioning Replacement in Medford, NJ

So let’s say that your air conditioning system is no longer working and you need to seek air conditioning replacement in Medford, NJ. You wouldn’t simply just purchase any random system to replace it, right? Of course not, but that never stopped homeowners from falling into that trap. Replacing air conditioning without much thought to what system is truly the best for your property may be the worst choice you could possibly. You risk spending a huge amount of money that wins up just not being right for you!
Fortunately, Raynor Electric is here to ensure your next air conditioning replacement in Medford, NJ leaves you with a system that can meet your cooling needs. Our team of cooling experts wants to see you with an air conditioning system that keeps you and your entire family cool, especially when the temperatures rise. When you decide on the right system, we can install it for you quickly.

What Should You Know Before Air Conditioning Replacement in Medford, NJ?

Instead of jumping into the replacement process without much thought, you should consider:

  1. Sizing: Any licensed, fully-trained electrician will know to inspect your home before any installation work to determine what size of system would be needed for your home. An improperly sized system can either lead to it being ineffective in removing humidity from your home or frequently breaking down.
  2. SEER: Having an effective air conditioning system is one thing, but it’s entirely another to have a system that is both effective and efficient. Check an air conditioning system’s Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to determine how much it will save you on energy bills. A modern system should have a SEER between 13 and 23 for the most energy-efficient performance.
  3. Cooling Needs: The amount of space in your home that needs to be cooled may have changed since the last time you replaced your air conditioning. This can have great influence over what type of air conditioning you install, as a larger system may not be the best choice if you simply don’t have enough space for it or don’t need as much space to be cooled.
  4. Benefits Beyond “Cool Air”: The number-one priority of replacing your air conditioning is improving cool air, but you need to consider how else replacement will benefit you. Other benefits include: improved energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness, long-term money savings, etc. What else do you hope to achieve with this replacement other keeping cool?

Contact Raynor Electric today if you want air conditioning replacement in Medford, NJ that will guarantee improved home cooling this summer!

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