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Benefits Of Switching From Oil To Gas

Isn’t it time to take your heating system into the 21st century? Your oil heating system may have served you well in many New Jersey winters, but it’s not the most efficient or affordable way to heat your home. There are many benefits to switching your system from oil to natural gas, and the experts at Raynor Services want to help you make the switch.

Benefits of Switching from Oil to Gas Heat

  1. Affordability: Natural gas offers the best value for home heating over oil. If you’re looking to save money on your heating bill, then switching to gas the way to go. In many cases, the cost of converting your heating system is covered within a few years of installing. So stop wasting money on rising oil costs and switch to natural gas.
  2. Simplicity and Convenience: Have you ever run out of oil in the middle of a cold snap? With natural gas, that will never happen again. Natural gas is hooked up through a pipe that goes directly into your home. You won’t have to schedule another oil delivery or panic for an emergency delivery when you switch to natural gas.
  3. More Efficient: Although they have a higher upfront installation cost, a gas furnace has a higher efficiency rating than an oil furnace. When you switch from oil to gas, your heater may get up to 20% more efficient. This increase means less money on heating bills and a cleaner heat source for the environment.
  4. Economic Benefit: Because most natural gas comes from the United States and Canada, you’ll be using a resource that creates local jobs. This proximity to American homes also decreases the price of natural gas and adds to its affordability.

Why Choose Raynor Services to Switch from Oil to Gas?
Raynor Services has been the premier heating contractors for South Jersey since 1994. We offer a personal experience for every client and want you to feel the difference of a family-owned company. All of our technicians are fully trained and have 20 years of experience, so they’re ready to handle any problem you may have. Our oil to gas conversion services are here to help you take advantage of all the benefits of switching.

At Raynor Services, we’ll help you make the switch from oil to gas by:

  • Installing your natural gas appliances
  • Connecting you to the municipal gas line
  • Offering propane services as an alternative
  • Performing your conversion process
  • Upgrading your heating for maximum efficiency

Why wait any longer? You can start experiencing the advantages of natural gas heating this winter by calling Raynor Services today!

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