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Flickering Lights in Your Home

Flickering lights in your home could be a sign of an electrical issue. Light bulbs are the crucial feature that determines whether we have lights in our home or office, or darkness with only the natural lighting to illuminate the dark. It is important to know that all light bulbs have a level of natural resistance and some amount of voltage is used against the wire’s resistance. Point being, not all light bulbs are infallible.
While flickering itself is not necessarily a cause for alarm, it is best to check to make sure it is not part of a larger issue. Below are a number of common reasons why lights will flicker.

Bulbs and Flickering Lights Potential

Certain types of lighting technology are naturally more prone to flickering than others. For example, flickering sometimes occurs in fluorescent lights within the first minute or so of turning them on as the phosphors reach peak illumination, or when the bulbs are connected to a failing ballast. It is also possible for LED lights to flicker when improperly connected to a driver or with certain dimming systems. Neither indicates a serious electrical issue, but you may want to replace your lights if the flickering gets too annoying.

Loose Bulb

In the most basic sense, the bulb was most likely not screwed in properly. Chances are, it was not screwed in tight enough to the socket. Before adjusting the bulb and tightening it, make sure to turn off the light. Afterward, put on a heavy-duty glove before grasping and tightening the bulb. If the bulb was recently used for an extensive period of time, it will most likely be hot. Tighten the bulb as necessary.
If the bulb continues to flicker after you have turned the bulb on and off again, the problem may be something else. In that case, calling an electrician or professional technician is advised.

Malfunctioning Switch

Another fairly simple issue might be that the bulb is not properly connected to the bulb. To test this, turn your light switch on and off or leaving the light off for a while and turning it back on. If the light works after doing this, the problem has been solved. If this issue persists, replacing the switch would be mandatory.

Fluctuation Issues

If you are running another high wattage device while using the lights, this may be the reason as to why the system is flickering. If that is the case, the voltage in your home is fluctuating too much. This could be a potentially serious issue. If the voltage is not properly set in your home, there could be a myriad of other electrical issues.
There are other signs of voltage issues in your home. These include the following signs. Lights that dim unexpectedly and/or burn out are most likely the cause of the issue.

Loose Electrical Wiring

Loose wiring is the most serious reason for flickering lights and a main cause of house fires. Shut off the light at the circuit breaker before removing the fixture to double check the wiring. If the fixture looks like it might be loose or insecure, it’s time to call an electrician. And even after this, if you still haven’t found a reason for your flickering lights, call an electrician to evaluate your home’s electrical wiring to be on the safe side.
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