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Avoid a Chilling Situation: Here’s How to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Whether you love or loathe winter, there’s something special about relaxing on your couch while being wrapped up in a blanket with a hot beverage. With that being said, this cozy scene can quickly be ruined when you go to turn on your heat and it doesn’t work! Luckily, the experts at Raynor Services have five tips to get your furnace ready for winter, so your home’s heat will help you get—and stay—comfy all winter long!

It’s Time to Unfreeze That Thermostat

This may be a hard switch for lovers of the summer to make, but it’s officially time to change your thermostat from cooling to heating. While you may not have to crank the heat just yet, now is your opportunity to make sure your heating system is working appropriately, so just turn up the temperature a few degrees higher than the temp in the room. If you don’t hear the heat come on when you flip that thermostat switch, then you need to contact a maintenance professional as soon as possible.

Put Your Current Filters On Ice

In order to ensure your furnace can last longer, it’s important to change out the air filters every few months. Before you start putting your furnace to work, locate your filters (they’ll either be located behind a vent in your wall or ceiling) and change out your current ones with new ones. To make your life easy, leave the filter change to the professionals and schedule a furnace tune up appointment today!

Wrap Up Your AC Condenser for the Cooler Temps

Protecting your condenser from the winter elements will ensure that it stays in great condition all season long, so it’s ready to get back in action when the warm weather is back. To accomplish this, purchase (or make your own) condenser cover, and wrap up your unit for the season. Not only will covering your unit keep it safe from icicles that may fall, but it will also protect it from snow, salt, wind and saltwater. However, if you have a heat pump, it will continue to run throughout the winter, so you can skip this step.

Get Furnace Components Ready to Heat Things Up

An important part of getting your furnace ready for winter is preparing its many parts. This includes:

  • Cleaning the heat exchanger: Bring in a furnace professional to brush and vacuum this component
  • Greasing up and cleaning the blower motor: Not all motors need to be greased up—this info can be found by looking in the owner’s manual. If yours does, simply turn off the unit, lift the cover, and remove the caps so you can grease their bearings. Since you already have the caps out, it’s the perfect time to give them a cleaning.
  • Making sure the igniter switch works: Simply flip the igniter switch to “on”. If it doesn’t turn on, push the “reset” button; if this doesn’t work, check your breaker; if it still isn’t working, it’s time to bring in a furnace repair expert.

Prevent a Snowball Effect of Issues By Inspecting Your Chimney

Chimneys are a prime area for carbon buildup and small animals, such as mice, squirrels, and raccoons. Because of this, it is critical to have your chimney regularly inspected. If your home’s carbon monoxide detectors need to be replaced, schedule an installation appointment as soon as possible.

Need help getting your furnace ready for winter? Contact us today to schedule your furnace tune up, repair, or installation appointment! Also, check out our seasonal special offers to save money!

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