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How to Prepare Your HVAC System for the Fall

Fall is here, so what does that mean for your HVAC system? Well, it’s a bit of an awkward period in terms of your heating and cooling systems. It may not be cool enough yet to get the furnace running, but you might not need the air conditioner right now either. Regardless, this in-between weather period is the perfect time to prepare your HVAC system for the Fall, and for the colder months that will be here sooner than you think!  At Raynor, our technicians provide full-service HVAC solutions for homes all across New Jersey. We’ve compiled a list of a few essential checkpoints to complete before the winter winds come creeping in. 


Check Your Furnace: 

As we said before, the winter and its frigid temperatures have a tendency to catch us by surprise. Now is the time to ensure your furnace is ready for the coldest of days, the below-freezing temperatures, and the incoming snowstorms. Scheduling an HVAC maintenance check with Raynor provides you with the ultimate confidence in your heating systems. Our team will inspect your furnace providing you with an evaluation of its condition and any recommendations to keep it working as efficiently as possible. If your furnace is not working at all or is having issues that are making it cold or uncomfortable in your home, Raynor can run a full set of diagnostics to find out what is causing the issues you are having. If it is in disrepair to a level that it may make more sense to consider an HVAC Replacement, then we can assist with that as well. Don’t wait until it’s too late, enjoy maximum comfort in your home through all the seasons.


Check Your HVAC Filters:

This one is important!  In our experience, homeowners rarely remember to check the air filters in their furnaces. These HVAC filters are incredibly important for two reasons. For one, clogged or dirty air filters can work against your furnace and prevent the proper distribution of warm air throughout your house. This often contributes to cold spots in certain rooms like basements, and also increases your energy bills by making the system work harder to produce lesser quality airflow. Secondly, clean furnace filters ensure that not only are you getting the right temperature air, but you’re getting fresh, clean air that’s free of any contaminants or bacteria. We suggest you keep an eye on furnace filters throughout the next few months and even replace the ones from the air conditioning season before shutting them down.  Although many people don’t know this, filters can actually play an integral role in the longevity of your furnace. The more dirt and debris that gathers in your filter, the harder it is for the clean air to pass through. This forces your furnace to work harder through clogged filters and can cause overheating which leads to system breakdowns and more expensive repairs. 


Check Your Windows and Doors:

With the cold temperatures coming, you want to keep all the warm air inside your home and prevent it from sneaking out cracks or leaks. Windows and doors are often the places in which your home’s energy is wasted, as homeowners nationwide report up to 25% of HVAC waste coming from these areas. Partner with an expert team of professionals to properly seal your doors and windows with caulk and weather-stripping to help eliminate waste, lower utility bills, and keep all the warmth in your home where it belongs. Your ductwork could also be potentially causing leaks within your systems. It’s recommended to have a professional examine your ducts to seal pesky leaks.  Properly sealed windows and doors do more than just keeping the heat inside your home. These tight seals also work to keep outside elements from coming in, including allergens, pollen, and small insects. Certain bacteria from outside, mixed with heightened moisture levels from the furnace, can create mold and mildew. Keep all the warmth inside and nature’s elements outside with professionally sealed windows and doors. 

Catch Up Your HVAC System Before Fall! 

Trust the team at Raynor to both deliver your family maximum comfort in the colder months and save you money on your monthly utility bills. From HVAC replacements to emergency HVAC services, you can count on us to be a full-service partner for your whole-home needs. Call Raynor today at (609) 845-3460 to schedule a furnace appointment today! 

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