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5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting to Consider This Fall

Outdoor safety lighting can successfully prevent home break-ins this fall. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of homeowners out there who do not take advantage of it, leaving their home much worse for wear. And that is dangerous, as outdoor safety lighting is not something you can just pass up without thought. The FBI reports that a home in the United States is broken into every 18 seconds. For more exact math, that’s approximately 200 homes per hour and a startling 4,800 break-ins a day. Even with stats like that, some homeowners still refuse to call up their local electric company for lighting installation. Those stats, however, would indeed be lower if more homeowners considered outdoor safety lighting an essential part of their home’s security system. A home is so much more at risk if there are areas without adequate lighting, as it provides the perfect space for intruders to hide and try to break-in. This is especially true come nightfall, where a lack of lighting means an intruder will go undetected. If you want to avoid this scary possibility, you need to call a professional right away who can provide the lighting you need to relax in your home.

How Can Raynor Electric Help You This Fall?

Raynor Electric is available to provide high-quality electrical service this fall that will see your home’s exterior equipped with durable, long-lasting lighting. We want to see homeowners across the Medford, NJ area equipped with lighting looking out for their safety. That’s why our outdoor lighting installation is able to go the extra mile in ensuring your electrical needs are met. Though you may not experience a home break-in this season, having reliable lighting on the exterior of your home will be able to provide you with greater relaxation. In fact, with our help, you will be able to boost property resale value, improve home aesthetic, and most importantly, keep your family’s well-being in check. A life made easier this fall starts with a phone call to Raynor Electric.

5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting

When considering security lighting installation, you may be met with a wide range of options. So much, in fact, that you may not even know what to install. In that case, the team at Raynor is more than willing to help so you are getting outdoor safety lighting worth every dollar. Here 5 types of lighting you should definitely consider for your home’s exterior this season:

  1. Motion Sensor Lighting: Out of any type of outdoor safety lighting, motion sensor lighting should be atop your list to install. It is one of the most effective ways to keep intruders away. Motion sensors will flash on once they detect movement on your property, even startling an intruder with how sudden they can work. They work at their best if you mount them close to your home, requiring the intruder to come up close to your home and face a higher risk of being detected.
  2. Driveway Lighting: Imagine pulling into your driveway after a long day of work and not having any lights to greet you back. If you call Raynor Electric, you will instead be welcomed home with open arms thanks to decorative driveway lighting. Not only will this allow you to pull into your driveway safer, it will also provide a much clearer path in the event you need to leave your home suddenly.
  3. Flood Lighting: Raynor Electric is your leading electric company for installing two-head flood lighting. The great thing about flood lighting is that it makes your home immediately visible come nightfall. It can provide lights to features on your property like trees and shrubbery, places where intruders like to hide to avoid detection.
  4. Spotlights: While flood lighting will usually cast light on all areas of your property, spotlights instead aim a strong amount of lighting at a designated area. For example, if you would like your backyard lit up a bit more at night to prevent intruders from breaking in through the back of the house, you can use a spotlight in that particular area. If you have an area of the home where you feel may be at risk for a break-in, always consider installing spotlights as a valid option.
  5. Front Porch Lighting: The front of your home may seem like too difficult of a place to break in, but it is much more common than you think. Even if you are just looking to enter and exit your home safely, front porch lighting is the perfect option. With lights in the front, intruders will be less likely to break in. Also consider outdoor hanging lights for your front doorway in case intruders try entering through the front door.

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