Air Conditioner Maintenance in Medford, NJ

Raynor’s Maintenance Plan Helps Keep Costs Low and Efficiency High We provided a top-to-bottom air conditioner check for this customer, who was signed up to our maintenance plan. It is highly recommended that you have your air conditioner unit checked once a year before cooling season. This is especially true if you have an older model.  … Read more

Ceiling Light Fixture Installation in Cherry Hill, NJ

Accent Lighting Creates Focal Points Around Your Home A customer replaced a bulb in her accent lighting and it still did not work. We switched out the fixture and all lights operated as normal. Accent lighting creates light without it shining directly onto a person. It instead shines light upward onto a piece of art  … Read more

Air Conditioner Not Cooling in Medford, NJ

Your Older Unit Could Be Running Out of Freon We responded to a call regarding an air conditioning unit that was at least 20 years old. It turned on and air blew out, but it was not cold enough. We added some Freon and the air conditioner worked fine afterward. Freon is being phased out  … Read more

Air Conditioner Thermostat Not Working in Cherry Hill, NJ

Faulty Thermostat a Common Problem A customer said her unit was still running inside even though she had turned the thermostat off. She said the outside fan also continued running. We found she had a defective thermostat and replaced it. At Raynor Services, we have seen all types of air conditioner problems, and have the  … Read more

Ceiling Leak in Medford, NJ

Don’t Leave a Leak Unattended for Too Long A customer called to report that her washing machine located upstairs had overflowed and was seeping into the ceiling. It had flowed into not only the lights on first floor but also the smoke alarm. The power and water were cut off to the home when she  … Read more

Air Conditioner Service in Medford, NJ

Copper Tubing Used in Older Models Susceptible to Corrosion A customer called to tell us that her five-year-old unit was not cooling sufficiently. She figured it needed refrigerant. We came to her home and added the refrigerant to the unit, but we also checked for leaks in her system. It is very unusual for an  … Read more

Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil Problem in Cherry Hill, NJ

Frozen Coil a Common Problem With Simple Solution This customer reported that her air conditioner was not working properly. She said she looked at the inside unit and noticed that ice had formed on the coils. This is a common problem that will often have a simple fix. If your air filter is dirty it  … Read more

Electrical System Inspection in Medford, NJ

Have an Electrical Inspection Performed Before Signing the Dotted Line A customer was selling his house, and about a year before he finished his basement, he had replaced an existing light fixture with six recessed lights. The buyer of the home wanted an inspection, and the inspector wanted an electrician present to make sure the  … Read more