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Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

One of the most annoying things as a homeowner is dealing with flickering lights or lights that consistently die out. You try to screw it tighter or flip the light switch until you are forced to get in your car, head to the store, and buy MORE light bulbs just to repeat the same process in a couple of months. 

If you’re done fighting with your home’s lighting, it might be time to consider switching your traditional fluorescent systems to a modern, energy-efficient LED system! The team at Raynor Services has installed LED fixtures in countless New Jersey homes, and we highly recommend them to those looking to save money, avoid flickering lights, and even help the environment. Take a look below at some of the many benefits of LED lighting. 

Energy Efficiency: 

The most common reason why people change fluorescent light to LED is the tremendous energy benefits they notice right away. Traditional fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs produce energy consisting of nearly 90% heat and 10% light. Conversely, newer LED bulbs produce almost the opposite effect, as the energy produced within consists of around 95% light. This means that your residential lighting systems will need to consume less energy for an even better result. Because of this high-energy efficiency provided by a LED lighting installation, your electric bills will dramatically increase because of the decrease in energy usage. Residents who have switched to LED have reported savings up to $75 per month. 


LED lights are renowned for being incredibly durable and long-lasting. Certain studies show that LEDs have a 50 times longer lifespan than traditional incandescent lights, lasting up to 50,000 hours overtime. Want to change fluorescent light to LED light? Because LED products have fewer components and intricacies, they can avoid burnouts or breaks commonly associated with residential lighting over time. When dealing with something that’s a constant in your home like lighting, you always should go for the products that will work effectively and last longer. Besides, having to constantly change your light-bulbs when one flickers out is an incredible hassle. 

Safety & Environmental Concerns:

There has been a lot of discussions recently surrounding residential energy usage. A fantastic benefit of LED lighting is that of all lighting options, they contribute the least amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. Also, many families worry about the toxicity of traditional light bulbs, and rightfully so. LED lights do not contain the toxic chemical Mercury that can cause both health and environmental concerns. Additionally LED lights are completely toxin-free and are recyclable! 

Flip the Switch and Make the Switch Today! 

Now that you’ve learned about some of these amazing benefits of LED lighting, are you ready to make the switch? Trust the expert team at Raynor Services LED lighting installation. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior fixtures, our experienced technicians will take care of any sized project quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today at (609) 845-3460 to learn more about the process! 

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