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Seven New Smart Home Additions You Can Make to Your Home This Fall

Home additions are what can make a house become a home, but what about a smart home addition? Since smart home devices have grown in popularity, it does beg to question how much homeowners can benefit from a few smart home additions. The idea that homeowners can experience the same control and convenience inside their homes as they do on their smartphones is not only convenient, but energy-efficient, safer, and cost-effective.

How the Following Smart Home Devices Can Help You

It’s hard enough keeping track of your appliances and cutting costs where possible, that’s why smart home devices can help you monitor your utility use. Lower monthly expenses aren’t just the only perk homeowners can expect out of a few smart home additions. A home with smart home devices included is more likely to attract buyers’ eyes than a home without. Best of all, a few upgraded devices can make your lifestyle much easier. The question goes, however, which smart home device can help you best?

  • Nest Learning Thermostat. When it comes to cutting utility costs, a Nest Learning Thermostat is a handy gadget to add. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can monitor and control the temperature inside your home from your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. For homeowners with a lot of lawn space, managing a sprinkler system can be a lot of work. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller lets you have control over eight or 16 zones. Water won’t be wasted with this sprinkler system, as it won’t water your lawn when it’s raining, and it’s controlled directly from your phone.
  • ADT Pulse. Home security is a major priority for any homeowner. It doesn’t hurt to have an upgraded security system, and an ADT Pulse is a good choice. The ADT Pulse is a full-featured home security system, including 24/7 monitoring and customer support. If you plan to pair any smart home additions, the ADT Pulse serves as a platform for other smart home devices.
  • Sonos Play:1. Entertainment is another much-needed feature, and for music enthusiasts, adding a Sonos Play:1 can help enhance the musical experience. Small in size, this Wi-Fi sound system can stream music from all the popular music streaming sites. For homeowners interested in a wireless home audio system, a Sonos Play:1 is a good smart home device to add.
  • Belkin WeMo Switch. It’s easy to forget about an appliance that’s plugged in, and unfortunately, that means wasting money, or worse, a safety hazard. Adding a few Belkin WeMo Switches can easily solve that problem. By plugging one into an outlet, you then plug your appliance into the WeMo switch. What’s great about this device is the capability of turning any appliance plugged that’s into it, on or off, using the app. The Belkin WeMo Switch is a great smart home addition to have in case you’re out of the house and suddenly realize something needs to be turned off.
  • August Smart Lock. Home security is no laughing matter, and any extra device for security can help. For homeowners looking for a neat device for front door security, the August Smart Lock works remotely, as it enables you to remote control your door locks. It’s easy to install and fits nicely over most doors’ deadlocks. Keys are the most complicated of security devices, and for homeowners who are constantly juggling things in their arms, having a door open remotely for you is a nice touch.
  • CURB Home Energy Monitoring System. For the ultimate method of home monitoring, installing a full home energy monitoring system can help you cut costs tremendously. A CURB Home Energy Monitoring System works by being plugged directly into your home’s electrical panel and gives real-time data on energy consumption and production. The app that comes with it includes personalized and timely notifications for your phone and tablet. It also includes tips on how to save money and sends out an alert when you’ve gone over your budget.

It’s Time to Enhance Your Home Additions

For homeowners looking to upgrade their homes, the perks of adding a few smart home devices are unquestionable. Installing any type of smart home device not only increases your home value, but it can make everyday tasks more convenient while saving money. If it’s time to upgrade your home, some professional help can go a long way. Hiring a contractor to inspect your home and discuss what upgrades you want, can help ensure you get the smart home devices that best serve your home.
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