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7 Maintenance Tips for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and carbon monoxide detection can save your life. When faced with a fire or a gas leak, your detectors will alarm you of danger so you and your family can evacuate immediately. However, the unfortunate truth is that many homeowners will take their detection for granted, allowing for problems with detectors to persist until it is much too late. The consequences of not paying attention can be costly, and even fatal. The National Fire Protection reports that nearly 3,000 people in the United States die due to house fires and an additional 500 die each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. With numbers that high, you need to take the right steps in keeping your family from becoming more numbers to add to such a troubling statistic. You may find yourself in scary situations like having no detection in the middle of the night, allowing for fires or gas leaks to worsen while your family is sound asleep. Without reliable safety features in your home, you will also notice your home suffering from lower property value. No potential buyer will want to look at a home where they don’t feel 100% protected. Your life this fall and winter shouldn’t be constantly spent in fear of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. You should instead take action and ensure your safety needs are met right before the temperatures dip below freezing.

How Can Raynor Electric Help You?

If you want help from a dedicated local electrician, look no further than Raynor Electric. We are ready and willing to ensure 100% safety in your home during the colder months with excellent electrical services. Faulty electricity is responsible for 50,000 home fires each year. While many will interpret faulty electricity as a few frayed wires or damaged outlets, malfunctioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will prove just as bad, if not worse. That’s why we’ve got a team on hand who can provide high-quality repairs, replacement, quick maintenance checks, and a home safety inspection to ensure your home has detectors you can count on. We also teach you more about smoke detection so you’ll know when to replace it and when to change batteries. We’ll even show you what signs to notice when you suspect you have a carbon monoxide leak in your home. If it means guaranteeing your safety, Raynor Electric is more than up for the task.

How to Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices

If you want to know how to keep your smoke and carbon monoxide detection devices working at their best, please keep these 7 tips in mind this season:

  1. Replace Old Detectors: Smoke detector replacement should happen every 10 years. Likewise, carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Replacing after a certain number of years will prevent any risky situations, like a detector malfunctioning during an emergency situation. For carbon monoxide detectors, this will also prevent a detector from malfunctioning when trying to alert you of a gas leak.
  2. Invest in Detection with “End of Life” Sensors: Modern smoke and carbon monoxide detectors come equipped with sensors letting you know when to replace the system. It gives notice early enough for you to take action before the detector loses power completely. This feature will let you know if replacement or repair will be necessary, proving a helpful reminder for you to stay on top of your safety needs.
  3. Read the Manufacturer’s Guide: The manufacturer’s guide will give you a clearer understanding of how detectors work and what warning signs are letting you know batteries require replacements. They may even let you know what troubleshooting you can do when the detector is malfunctioning.
  4. Do Not Use Generators Indoors: A generator should not be used indoors under any circumstance. When generators malfunction, they run a high risk of leaking smoke or harmful gasses. Without working detectors in your home, a fire or gas leak may spread quite easily. Keep your generator outdoors in a safe distance from the home instead.
  5. Use Lithium Batteries: Please use lithium ion batteries for detectors instead of traditional batteries. They are known for a longer lifespan and incredible efficiency, allowing to save you the time and money on battery replacement. You will also worry far less about your smoke and carbon monoxide detector malfunctioning out of nowhere.
  6. Cook with Caution: Though you may plan on cooking plenty of warm, hearty meals during the colder months, but you need to be safe. Cooking is the number-one cause for fires and one mistake may cost you an entire house, especially if you do not have working detectors available. For example, do not heat your home with the oven, as it may leak smoke or gas. Just use it for cooking something delicious instead. 
  7. Call Raynor Electric for Electrical Maintenance: Please call one of our local electricians to annually inspect all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. We will closely inspect your detection for any problems, stopping them from getting worse in the process. Once you get the good word from one of our electricians that all of the features are up to today’s standards, you will feel more secure about your electrical safety for the next year.

Avoid Putting Your Family In Harms Way And Schedule A Service To Ensure The Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices In Your Home Are Working

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