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What is an Air Scrubber?

What is an air scrubber? Why do you need one? 

The quality of the air inside your home is essential to the well-being of your family, especially if anyone suffers from allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues. 

We are all concerned about the risks of allergens, mold, VOCs, and air pollution. An air scrubber is a device that attaches to the ductwork of your HVAC systems. This device is designed to remove any air pollution, VOCs, surface contaminants, pet residue, odors, and dust. 

The job of an air scrubber is to ensure you are breathing clean air, resulting in a healthier, more efficient home and life. Raynor Services is here for all of your home’s air scrubber needs! 

Benefits of an Air Scrubber 

Air scrubbers are extremely easy to use as they are portable and efficient. Kill off any harmful bacteria and keep your home fresh. When considering adding an air scrubber to your home, it is important to consider the benefits of this tool. 

Reduces Impurities 

Are those germs making you sick? You cannot avoid the daily contaminants being brought into our homes. Through our hands, clothes, and shoes germs and toxins are transferred to our countertops, doorknobs, floors, and furniture. 

With the use of an air scrubber, up to 99 percent of all surface contaminants can be removed. Clean the air, fight away any bacteria or viruses, and purify your home!

Eliminates Persistent Odors

Does your home have a lingering odor of burnt toast? Does it smell like a wet dog every time you enter your home? No matter what you do, are you still noticing the odor? There is no need to live with an unpleasant smell while in the comfort of your home. 

Consider an air scrubber. This device will cleanse the air in your home and reduce particles that will minimize any stubborn odors. 

Lessens the Effects of Allergies and COVID-19

The changing New Jersey seasons can easily spark allergies. Anyone who suffers from allergies knows that irritating particles such as dust, mold, or pollen can easily trigger itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, or trouble sleeping. 

Allergies are no fun! They make you feel under the weather and tired. With the help of Raynor Services, you can continue to live your best life allergy-free! 

Additionally, Raynor Services’ air scrubbers diminish the viruses that cause COVID-19. It cleans the coronavirus germs from both the air and surfaces. 

With an air scrubber, coronavirus germs can be reduced by 99.9 percent in just one minute! Without an air scrubber, these same germs can linger in the air and on surfaces for up to seven hours. 

Say goodbye to those seasonal allergies and that fear of the coronavirus and hello to a healthier, safer life with Raynor Services air scrubber! 

Lengthen the Life of Your HVAC System 

Looking to increase the lifespan of your HVAC system? Installing an HVAC air scrubber can add years to your current system. Over time dirt, dust, and other debris will enter your HVAC system, resulting in clogged filters and damaged coils and blowers. 

To keep your system running at peak efficiency, install an HVAC air scrubber and never worry about cleaning your system again! An HVAC air scrubber will automatically clean itself while running smoothly. 

Whether you are looking for an air scrubber installation, repair, or maintenance, contact the experts at Raynor Services. Protect your home from mold, lead, dust, chemical fuels, carbon monoxide, and asbestos with Raynor Services air scrubber installations!

Hire Raynor Services for Air Scrubber Installation 

As a family-owned and operated business, Raynor Services offers quality air scrubber services because we recognize how this device can be beneficial to you and your family. As a local home service company, our main goal is to keep your home’s HVAC system operating safely and efficiently. Our team of experts is sure to work quickly and proficiently to provide you with stress-free, high-quality work. 

Receive the best HVAC and Electrical services in the area with Raynor Services! Contact our highly trained technicians today! 


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