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When is the Best Time to Install Solar Panels?

Many people understand the concept of solar energy, yet they are intimidated by the process or hesitant to embark on something new. This is understandable, as installing a home solar power system is a relatively large investment cluttered with jumbles of government paperwork and regulations. While solar panels may seem overwhelming, the benefits they have for your energy efficiency and your wallet cannot be overstated! 

Many homeowners question when is the best time to install solar panels. Here at Raynor Services, we always suggest that ANYTIME is the right time! However, there are certain benefits of scheduling a solar panel installation during the winter. As a full-service solar energy partner and the area’s sole provider of the whole-home solar approach, the Raynor team has listed some benefits below of starting the solar journey in the winter! 

Fewer Upfront Costs: 

As mentioned above, residential solar panels are an up-front investment that eventually leads to long-term savings. What you might not be aware of is that you can actually save on solar panel installations in the winter months. Essentially, there’s less demand in the winter for home installations or renovations of any kind, as the majority of these projects are done during the summer or spring in the warm weather. This means that there will be certain offers or deals available that maybe will not exist in the summer, as fewer jobs are coming during the winter and more solar technicians are available. Additionally, here in our great state of New Jersey, homeowners utilizing solar energy can take advantage of some amazing government incentive payments! 

Prepare for Summer: 

If you start your solar energy journey in the winter, your home will be equipped with solar power right in time for the spring and summer heat. These are critical months for your home’s HVAC systems, as during the summer homeowners on average use more energy than any other time of the year attempting to keep their home cool. You’ll begin to see the savings on your utility bills immediately this summer as your panels work to reflect the heat away from your home and its interior. Your home solar power system will not be installed and ready to go overnight, as we’ve mentioned above this process can take some time. Be prepped and ready for the heat waves by starting this project today! 

Fast and Efficient Service: 

Similar to how fewer solar jobs in the winter equate to lower prices, it also means that your installation and maintenance will be completed quicker. When fewer solar appointments are booked in the winter, technicians have more time to focus on your project. Here at Raynor, we focus on sustaining a solid partnership for your sustainable energy journey. We can assure you that any questions or concerns you may have will be answered immediately. We understand this is uncharted territory for many people and will give you the guidance you deserve to make the most of your solar project. 

Join the Only Company with WHOLE HOME Solar Services! 

Since we also specialize in HVAC system installation and maintenance, Raynor experts are able to replace your current HVAC system with electric systems. This means we’re able to help you cut down the cost of utilities and increase the allowed size of your solar project by paying for more in electrical utility. Also, our electricians can convert your traditional lights into LED systems paired together with solar panels. If you need HVAC or Electrical work done, and you’re currently considering going solar, Raynor’s whole-home approach allows your solar to cover more of your utilities than ANY of our competitors! 

Go Solar with Raynor Today!

The time to get started on a solar installation is NOW! Raynor Services offers a whole-home approach to solar energy, a service that no other company offers. This process is meant to truly get the most from your panels, providing you with the highest efficiency and the lowest utility bills imaginable. Our team will deliver a customized quote for any sized project and financing to those who are eligible. Ready to get started? Click HERE to schedule an appointment!

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