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Ceiling Leak in Medford, NJ


Don’t Leave a Leak Unattended for Too Long

A customer called to report that her washing machine located upstairs had overflowed and was seeping into the ceiling. It had flowed into not only the lights on first floor but also the smoke alarm. The power and water were cut off to the home when she called.
Once the water damage had been taken care of, we were able to re-wire the affected areas of her home and everything was working properly when we left. You have to be on the lookout for any sort of leaks in your home. Left unattended, they can lead to not only structural damage but also substantial wiring damage.
So what exactly do you have to be on the lookout for? There are a few things you can do to try and narrow down possible causes and locations:

  1. Do your gutters or downspouts have clogs?
  2. How is the roof holding up? Inspect the roof’s interior to see if there’s any place where water can get into your home.
  3. Are there any spots in your attic where light shines through? If so, you’ll have to plug the holes to prevent water from getting in.
  4. Is it wet between roof joists? While in the attic, check to see if there is a leak near the plumbing line.
  5. Does the water coming from the ceiling look fresh or dirty? Clean water indicates it could be coming from a leaking plumbing line or fixture. If the water is dirty, it might be a leak in the roof.
  6. How is the weather outside? If the leak only occurs during inclement weather, it probably means the leak starts somewhere on the roof. But, if you notice the leak is there pretty consistently, it’s more than likely coming from a plumbing supply line.

Whether or not you know where the leak is coming from, it’s important you get it taken care of as soon as possible. Call Raynor Services today!

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