What’s making so many homeowners in the U.S. switch from oil heating to natural gas? Already, more than 50% of the country uses gas-powered home heating, and less than 10% still relies on gas. The federal government is extending gas lines across the country and providing monetary incentives for people to make the switch.

Why? The fact is, oil is an outdated fuel source. Natural gas is cleaner, more efficient, and more convenient than oil for heating your home. Burning gas not only gives you a smaller carbon footprint (because it releases fewer fuel emissions) but also lowers your utility bill by providing an efficiency level of about 95%. Since the technology of oil heaters is generally much older and far below today’s energy standards, they generally only provide about 60% efficiency—that means you get a boost of over 30% just by converting! According to the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average American pays $732 to heat their home in the winter season with natural gas as opposed to $2,535 with oil. Over time, those savings help to pay back the initial cost of installation in an estimated 24 to 30 months. In just two to three years, your investment in natural gas will already be paying you back.

Not convinced?  Let’s go over some of the numbers:

Economic Benefits

Natural gas is a domestic resource rather than a foreign fuel, like oil. As such, it is significantly cheaper year over year to acquire: for instance, the EIA (Energy Information Administration) reported in 2011 that the average American homeowner would pay $732 for gas heating versus over $2,000 for oil!  Moreover, you could be eligible for money-back on your installation depending on your area: since it’s in the nation’s best interest for everyone to make the switch to natural gas, more and more local governments and manufacturers are delivering attractive benefits to people who make the switch.

Environmental Benefits

In comparison to oil, natural gas releases fewer carbon emissions, and it’s been found to be a more sustainable and efficient alternative to coal. Because of these natural gas heating benefits, a nation-wide switch to natural gas can help dramatically reduce the average American’s carbon footprint.

Oil to Gas Conversion Services

Those are major benefits for any homeowner, and they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re considering a home remodel, looking to upgrade, or just need a replacement for a system that is inefficient and costs too much.

But at the end of the day, what really matters to homeowners is that whatever fuel-source they rely on, they can keep their homes warm and their family comfortable all season long. Natural gas has the advantage in this regard as well: a gas-powered furnace has an efficiency rating of up to 98%, while an oil-powered system generally caps at about 90%—and only when it’s brand new. The end result is that natural gas-powered systems get you to your desired temperature at a faster and more reliable rate. Overall, oil to natural gas conversion is not only the best course of action for the country, but it’s also the best possible long-term investment you can make this year in your own home.

We provide gas line installation services to the following New Jersey counties: 

We’ll help you make the switch to natural gas by:

  • Installing your natural gas appliances
  • Connecting you to the municipal gas line
  • Offering propane services as an alternative 
  • Performing your conversion process
  • Upgrading your heating for maximum efficiency

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