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How Effective Are Whole House Surge Protectors

whole house surge protectorsA power surge is an unexpected increase in voltage and is typically caused by lightning strikes, faulty or old wiring, short circuits and tripped breakers, power line surges, and the routine operation of household appliances and electronics. These surges can be small or large and result in reduced performance or catastrophic damage. Given the importance of electricity in our everyday lives, it’s critical to have an uninterrupted supply. The professionals at Raynor share the importance of whole house surge protectors and why you should consider one for your property. 

How to Protect Your Home from Power Surges 

Many homeowners believe that power strips are reliable protection against damaging surges, but you can’t always rely on plug-in surge suppressors alone to safeguard your electronics. Why? Because most surge protectors only provide basic protection for a few devices. While power surges only last a few millionths of a second, they can cause permanent damage to vulnerable devices. Below, we highlight the advantages of whole home surge protection. 

Protection of Your Electrical System

Over time, power surges can weaken and damage your entire electrical system. These little spikes can cause expensive damage. Insurance claims from power surges are grouped in the same category as lighting strike damage, resulting in over a billion dollars in losses every year. With a whole-home surge protector, every outlet is safeguarded. That means when a voltage spike occurs, the electricity is sent back through the panel, where it is then stopped, protecting every electronic in your home. 

Protect Your Home’s Technology

Modern homes now contain several electrical gadgets and appliances that need to be protected from surges to ensure they operate appropriately. Without protection, your devices are compromised and can result in costly repairs or replacements. 

Increase the Lifespan of Your Devices

Frequent in-home power surges can decrease the lifespan of your electronics and appliances. Think about the major systems in your home, like your HVAC unit, that cycles on and off. Each time it turns on, it draws a significant amount of power, and when it switches off, the power needed is gone. The cycling can cause tiny surges throughout the day that can damage sensitive devices like TVs, microwaves, and computers. While the damage might not be instantaneous, it can break down the performance of your electronics over time. 

Circuit Protector Installation by Raynor

While power surges have always existed, the need to protect your home and electronic equipment is more significant than ever. In fact, the new 2020 NEC code change requires that all residential service upgrades, replacements, and service installations have type 1 or type 2 surge protection installed. What does that mean for you as a homeowner? If you live in New Jersey, you don’t have to worry about anything right now. NJ uses the 2017 NEC for home and commercial electrical installations and hasn’t yet adopted the new 2020 code change. But, if you’re looking to sell your home or want to ensure your property is up to code, having a circuit protector installed can guarantee protection and safety against a damaging power surge. If you have additional questions about what a surge protector can do for your home, our team is ready to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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