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How Long Will My Furnace Last And When Should It Be Replaced?

How Long Will My Furnace Last And When Should It Be Replaced?


When it comes to keeping your home warm and maximizing the comfort of your family this winter, homeowners should pay special attention to the age and efficiency of their furnaces. While many people may not even know when the last time they had a furnace tune-up or when the original furnace installation took place, the team at Raynor wants to set the record straight about the longevity and durability of these essential heating systems. 


Through countless furnace installations and maintenance checks, the experts at Raynor can identify the signs of malfunctioning or aging furnaces. For any model you have, we’re able to predict the timeframe in which your furnace will operate at peak performance and spot where it might begin to show signs of weakness. Below, we’re answering the age-old question of “When should I schedule a furnace replacement?” 


How Long Do Furnaces Last?

As with all questions regarding HVAC systems, there is no one answer to this question per se. Clearly, there are different models that have longer lifespans than others, many furnaces are paired with other systems, and there are also different heating needs for every home. A larger home’s furnace that lives in a colder area is certainly going to get more use of their furnace than a smaller home in warmer climates. As a general rule, however, the average gas furnace should have a lifespan of about 15 to 30 years. This is also dependent on how often (if at all) you’ve received maintenance on it or scheduled regular tune-ups for it! 


Now, if you’re reading this and you currently have an 8-14-year-old furnace, you might be thinking that there’s no need for an upgrade. However, unless your furnace is brand new, installing a new furnace is a great option for nearly every homeowner for a number of reasons. Your question should never be “will it still function?” rather it should be “will it be running with maximum efficiency?” 


When To Replace Your Furnace?

Newer furnace models are incredibly efficient in converting air into clean, warm heat for your home. They are extremely accurate in terms of circulation, eliminating cold spots in your house, and ensuring consistent temperature for the rooms you intend to heat. With that being said, these newer furnaces have to work a lot less hard and use a fraction of the energy to generate heat, meaning you can save money monthly on your utility bills. Essentially, a new furnace installation is a fantastic return on investment for the future! 


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