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How to Pick an HVAC Company

hvac technician Your HVAC system is a complex unit that requires in-depth knowledge to install correctly. Whether replacing or repairing your existing unit, it’s a major investment, and you want to ensure a professional and competent company is handling the job. Not all HVAC contractors are the same, so it’s crucial to do your research ahead of time to ensure you partner with a company that employs individuals with extensive training, experience, and licensing. When you work with Raynor Services, we take your air conditioning and heating services seriously. Read more to learn how to select an HVAC company that will be best for you and your home. 

Check their credentials.

Your HVAC system is likely one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home, and you want assurance that whoever works on it has proper training and licensing. Before selecting an HVAC company, find out about license and insurance requirements for contractors in your state. These credentials mean that the individual has met all conditions in experience and training levels within that state. Liability insurance should also be considered to help you compare technicians. Insurance protects your property and the worker if anything was to go wrong. 

Ask for estimates.

Cooling and heating services can quickly add up, and many homeowners will choose a company that offers the best prices. Getting the best price is good, but you must ensure you’re getting the best service at that price point. Ask for estimates from multiple HVAC companies and compare what each offers for their price. 

Interview the companies you have out to your home.

When you are gathering the quotes from the HVAC contractors for your cooling and heating services, be sure to “choose the company you LOVE and build the quote you WANT.” This is truly an investment you want to make only once for 12-15 years. The best thing you can do is take your time and make things better in your home while doing this project. Otherwise, you will have a new version of your old issues. Every company can build and should be willing to build a quote more than once. There is more than one way that you can build a system. Things that make an enormous difference are – SEER, EER, AFUE, Tons, Size, Speeds, Variable, Modulating, Brand, Brand line, accessories, and installation method. Many times customers compare very different things and don’t realize this. If you find the company you love, let them work with you to get you to the comfort and budget you want.

Expect a home evaluation.

Potential HVAC contractors should spend significant time inspecting your current system and home to assess your needs and provide the best heating and cooling solutions. Your potential contractor should suggest a system that is sized correctly based on the dimensions of your home, level of insulation, and windows. Ask for a written, itemized report so you can compare costs. In HVAC, size does matter. Too big and your utility bills will go up and possibly cause mold, too small and your ductwork may not allow the cooling and heating system to do the job the way you intended to keep you comfortable.

Read reviews and testimonials.

Head to Google and check out recent reviews and testimonials from actual customers. Not-so-good reviews can indicate a company you want to steer clear of but remember that anyone can write these complaints, so do your homework! Look for a contractor who reasonably responds to not-so-good reviews; this means they care. No one is perfect, so how things are handled and if they are will make all the difference.  

Ask about rebates and special offers.

An HVAC system is a significant expense. It’s best to shop around for a company that offers rebates on energy-efficient equipment or ask about manufacturer specials. Look for ENERGY STAR-qualified products and ask your contractor to calculate your savings for this particular heating and cooling equipment. There are also utility loan programs that offer TRUE 0% interest loans and rebates. To get them, you need an available program analysis from your HVAC contractor. This will allow them to help you maximize your investment and minimize how much you pay out of your pocket. The HVAC contractors that can help with this are certified, vetted, and approved as Elite HVAC contractors and are the ones who can offer the programs. Not all, and not many HVAC professionals can make this cut. Raynor Services did the work for the entire state of New Jersey. We are fully vetted and approved for ALL the programs and rebates available.

Choose Raynor Services for All Your HVAC Needs

We know picking an HVAC company can be overwhelming, especially when there are hundreds to choose from. Raynor Services is here to help and simplify the confusion. Whether you need emergency heating repair or air conditioning services, our team strives to do the best job for you without breaking the bank. We provide a convenient estimate and help you compare all your quotes so you can gain clarity on price, product, and programs. If you’re ready to hire us for your next HVAC project, contact us at 609-454-6655

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