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Preparing Your Generator for the Winter Weather

generator maintenance As the winter weather approaches, don’t let the freezing cold temperatures catch you by surprise this year. Snowstorms, ice, and blustery winds are just around the corner, all of which can cause a sudden power outage for hours or even days. Since your home or business must remain operational during this time, it’s essential to have a generator as a backup in case you lose power. Cold weather can make your generator work overtime, especially if it’s not adequately maintained. Below our generator specialists share a few maintenance tips to prepare your generator for the winter weather.  

Change the oil

One of the best ways to maintain the life of your generator is to change the oil regularly. Experts recommend changing the oil every 50 to 200 hours of use, but this can depend on several variables, including: 

  • The brand of generator
  • How frequently it’s used
  • What environment it operates in

Keep it clean

Along with changing the oil, you’ll also need to clean or replace the oil, air, and fuel filters, depending on how heavily you use your generator. Generators utilize two primary components to create electricity called the rotor and stator. When in operation, it’s typical for these parts to collect dust, debris, and other particles. Too much buildup can cause inefficiency within your equipment. To eliminate this, clean and check the filters to ensure your generator is ready for use when you need it most. 

Don’t use old fuel

Most homeowners don’t know they should empty the old fuel from their generator’s tank after each use. If not, you run the risk of corrosion or gasoline degrading. 

Test your generator throughout the winter

Typically, your generator is used as a backup power source, so it could go months or years without turning on. To ensure it will power on this season, start your generator to:

  • Ensure it’s getting lubricated by oil
  • Charge the batteries
  • Ensure the carburetor is functioning efficiently 

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) states that generators should be tested at 30 to 50 

percent of their maximum load for 30 minutes at least once a month.

Protect your generator

If you have a portable generator, store it in a cool, dry place to decrease rusting and extend your equipment’s life. For additional protection for your whole home or portable generator, you can purchase a shed, tent, or cover. 

Perform maintenance early

Whether you’re unsure how to maintain your generator or feel more comfortable having a professional handle the upkeep, you should schedule maintenance before the cold weather strikes. If you’re looking for reliable generator installation or maintenance services, call the experts at Raynor Services. With our service plans, we can take care of the above to ensure your equipment runs smoothly throughout the winter. 

Generator Maintenance

We provide two primary generator maintenance plans, Standard and Deluxe. Our Standard package includes a thorough home inspection with regular system checks, including:

  • Change the oil and the oil air filter
  • Change spark plugs
  • Basic system check
  • Battery voltage
  • Clearance around generator
  • Check voltage output
  • Exercise generator for five minutes
  • Clean controls
  • Battery load test
  • Power outage simulation test

Our Deluxe package includes all of the above with additional features like:

  • Clean and re-Gap spark plugs
  • Semi-annual home generator inspection
  • Check oil level and condition
  • Check battery voltage
  • Check generator clearance
  • Check voltage output
  • Topping off fluids if needed

Generator Installation and Maintenance Services by Raynor Services 

Generators are essential in today’s world to keep your home comfortable and everyone inside protected. To ensure your property is always comfortable and protected from power interruptions, contact our HVAC contractors at 609-454-6655 for superior generator installation and maintenance services.

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