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Signs That It’s Time to Get Your Smoke Detectors Replaced

new smoke detectorIf you’ve had the same smoke detector since you moved into your home, chances are it could use an upgrade. Generally, smoke detectors need to be replaced every ten years. Once they reach the ten-year mark, they lose their sensitivity and aren’t always able to detect smoke like they’re supposed to. Because they are required by law and help protect the lives of everyone in your household, it’s vital to ensure your smoke detectors are functioning correctly. But how do you know when you need smoke detector replacement services? Here are a few signs to help determine if your smoke detector needs an update. 

Color of your smoke detector

An aging smoke detector often changes colors over time, turning yellow instead of the usual bright white. Many homeowners believe this yellowing is due to constant exposure to dust or cigarette smoke, but your smoke detector turns yellow for a different reason. Most smoke detectors contain a chemical called bromine, which is used as a flame retardant. Bromine helps smoke detectors hold up against extreme heat and high temperatures from a fire, so it can do its job to alert you. Over time, it can cause the plastic housing on the detector to turn yellow.  

A chirping smoke detector

If you have a chirping smoke detector, this isn’t something you want to ignore. Chirping usually signals your smoke detector isn’t working correctly. It could be a case of needing to be cleaned, or the battery might be dead, but if the chirping persists, this should be a significant cause for concern. 

It’s unresponsive when you test it

Smoke detectors should be tested monthly, if not more frequently, to ensure they are working correctly. You can test your smoke detector by pressing the “test” button on the front. If it’s working correctly, the smoke detector should beep several times. If it doesn’t, it might be time to replace it.

It goes off unexpectedly

Your smoke detectors should be sensitive enough to detect the slightest hint of smoke from a fire, but you don’t want them going off every time something blows by them. If your smoke detector goes off unexpectedly with no sign of smoke or fire, it could be a sensitivity issue common with age. Replace these detectors immediately to protect your family. 

Older than ten years

All smoke alarms should be replaced after ten years or sooner if stated by the manufacturer. It’s crucial to keep up with this timeframe to ensure you never put your household at risk from a fire. You can check the age of your alarms by finding the manufacturer code or date of manufacture, usually located near the battery compartment at the base of the detector.  

Smoke Detector Replacement With Raynor Services

One of the best ways to increase home safety and protect you and your family from fire is by having a smoke detector installed in your home. At Raynor Services, we can handle the installation of all your alarms, saving you time and aggravation and assuring you that your detectors will work when you need them the most. Connect with your favorite local electricians today to schedule smoke detector replacement services.

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