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Smoke Detector Installation in Medford, NJ


Protected No Matter Where the Fire

A customer wanted a hardwired smoke detector installed in his home to replace the individual battery-powered units he had throughout the house. This type of system provides a higher level of protection because each component communicates with the others if there is a problem in your home.
For example, if you have a large house, you could be sleeping on one side of the home while a fire starts on the opposite end. Because individual detectors don’t communicate with each other, the detector on the side of the house where you are located may not sound until the fire becomes extremely large. You may not hear the detector going off where the fire is taking place. In a wired system, however, if one detector goes off, all detectors will go off. You will be alerted the moment smoke starts to accumulate, no matter where it may be occurring.
Also, many people completely forget when it is time to replace the battery in their individual unit. With a hardwired system, you will still be protected as long as there is power. These systems also have battery backups if your home should suffer an outage.
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