As a family-owned and operated business, Raynor Services prides itself in providing homes and businesses throughout New Jersey with services that have a personal touch—that’s why when we work on a solar panel project, we are with you every step of the way, from beginning to end. We didn’t become New Jersey’s most trusted name in solar installation by accident, we achieved this through superior customer service, the highest efficiency materials available, and timely project completion. 

Because we handle everything in-house, we manage every aspect of your solar panel installation from start to finish—from filing all of the permits and scheduling the inspections, processing the paperwork with the power company and state of New Jersey, and setting you up with a solar sales broker who will sell what they generate and deposit the money right into their bank account. In fact, you can think of us as your personal solar panel installation coordinator.

Advantages of Solar Installation 

Your home or business can enjoy significant benefits when you power your property with clean, renewable energy. Check out some of the advantages below:

  • Clean Energy 
  • Low to No Maintenance 
  • Cost Incentives and Significant ROI 
  • Quiet Power
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint 
  • Long-Term Renewable Energy Investment 
  • Federal Energy Tax Credits
  • Incredible Warranties 

The Raynor Solar Installation Process 

It all starts with a FREE estimate on your property—that’s right, we’ll come to you for an estimate, assess your power requirements, and view the available space and scope of the project. The investment you make with Raynor to handle your solar project comes with outstanding customer service and full-spectrum assistance with your decision. Municipal and state contracts will be managed by our offices directly, allowing you to trust our professionals with a job done right from start to finish. 

The Raynor Difference

In addition to enjoying personalized solar panel services from Raynor, we also offer a whole-home approach—a service no other company offers. This approach will provide you with the highest efficiency and lowest electric and gas bills possible. With Raynor, you will also enjoy:

  • Customized quotes 
  • Financing to those who are eligible 
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at no cost to you 
  • Option to own your PPA

Partner With the Experts at Raynor Services Today!

At Raynor Services, we specialize in the consultation, design, and installation of your solar panel project for your residential or commercial property. As one of the leading solar companies in New Jersey, we enjoy powering home and business owners with clean, renewable energy that will last for years. When you partner with our social panel specialists, we guarantee you will optimize your energy usage and maximize energy efficiency to enjoy a lifetime of savings. If you’re ready to find the best solar energy solutions that meet your needs and experience the exceptional solar panel service at Raynor Services, contact us at (609) 845-3460 to schedule your FREE quote! We conveniently provide solar installation to the following New Jersey counties: