You may think that you’re protected if you have power strips located around your home, but you’re really not. If there is a lightning strike nearby, a wave of electricity can be sent through the wiring in your home. This surge can disable appliances, such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators, and can burn out electronic devices such as televisions and computers. At Raynor Services, we can help install a whole house surge protector that will keep all of your appliances and sensitive electronics safe.

Power Surges

The typical power surge usually lasts less than a second, and is relatively harmless. However, a powerful surge, caused by something like a downed power line or a lightning strike, can be devastating, sending tens of thousands of volts through your home. Damage can even result from a sudden change in electricity use due to a nearby factory or the cycling of your appliances.

The result of even a relatively small surge may not show up for months later, such as when a microwave or television stop working for no apparent reason.

Why You Need Whole House Surge Protection

You can’t just rely on power strips – your advanced electronics are simply too expensive to take a chance. While a major surge can result in a fire, even a moderate surge can do damage that cannot be repaired.

If you have a whole house surge protector installed, however, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage. Even if you’re out of town, you will be protected if a powerful surge hits your home.

You not only get peace of mind, you can actually add value to your home by adding a whole house surge protector. When telling a potential homebuyer that you have installed such a device, that person will be even more attracted to your house.

A whole house surge protector is reliable and can fit nearly any budget. When you call us at Raynor Services, we will come to your house and help you decide the right type of surge protector for you.