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4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are what keeps the power flowing to your most essential appliances. You may take them for granted, and you’re certainly not the only one, but what you may fail to realize is just how important they are to everyday life in your home. Just think of all the appliances reliant on an outlet. Televisions, microwaves, blenders, refrigerators, phone chargers—what would happen if you didn’t have an outlet for any of these things? Unfortunately, you may just face that reality if you fail to notice the signs telling you it’s time to replace outlets altogether. Allowing old, faulty outlets to sit in your home is one of the biggest safety hazards as it can easily lead to a house fire or electrocution. Outlets with exposed wiring may be incredibly sensitive to the touch, which is especially dangerous if you have any naturally curious young children in your home. With such a high safety risk, you may discover your property resale value decreasing, as no potential home buyer will want to look at a home with less than reliable outlets. You may also be unable to use appliances to their fullest extent, and the faulty outlets may put them at risk for damage as well. If you want to avoid all these problems this winter, you need to know when to take action in replacing them so you will be able to call your local electric company as soon as possible. 

Why Should You Call Raynor Electric for High-Quality Service?

Fortunately, when you need to replace the old with the new, Raynor Electric will be able to help you every step of the way. Our team of electricians will replace your outlets immediately with modern ones designed to provide high-quality performance for years. You will be able to enjoy your appliances to their fullest extent, especially if it means they continue to have power for a long time to come. Since new outlets will see less of a chance of bringing damage to your appliances, you will also save so much money on repair bills and appliance replacement, ensuring you will be able to gear your savings this holiday season towards gifts and other goods.  A call to Raynor Electric is a guaranteed way to make your life easier, especially when it keeps you away from hazards like fires and electrical shock. New outlets may not seem like the things keeping your life peaceful this season, but it may turn out to be the most important upgrade you make for your home.

When Should You Replace Electrical Outlets?

If you sense your outlets are beginning to give more headaches than electrical power, you may be able to determine when to replace them, even if you’re not a licensed electrician. Please take note of these 4 common warning signs:

  1. Significant Physical Damage: While it is normal for an older outlet to show signs of wear and tear, this may mean cords will not be able to get inside the receptacle. If the cords slip out easily or are hanging out of the outlet, there is a chance that excess, or even the proper voltage current, may not have the proper channel in which to flow properly. You may also notice problems like broken outlet covers, which may leave the mechanisms of the outlet exposed and incredibly dangerous to touch.  If your outlets are beginning to fall apart, it’s time to call a professional immediately for replacement.
  2. Electrical Outlets are Tamper Resistant: If you look around your home and find that the outlets are not tamper resistant, you need to be replace them immediately. Tamper resistant outlets have been required by the National Electric Code (NEC) to have in all homes since 2008. They are known for including a shutter that only allows a two pronged plug into the receptacle to properly create a circuit. This will prevent the possibility of any young children trying to insert an object into the outlet, as the shutter will successfully prevent them from doing so.
  3. Two-Prong Outlets: Over fifty years ago, the NEC made it required for all homes to have three-prong outlets for safer, more effective electrical flow. However, many homes today are still equipped with two-prong outlets, which are both outdated and unsafe. The major problem with two-prong outlets is that there is a short in the wire or excessive current due to a faulty appliance. You will risk a greater chance of an electrical fire that will put the well-being of your family in danger, and may even cause you to pay more money on electrical repair.
  4. Builder’s Grade Outlets: Builder’s grade outlets have a low installation cost but will generally feature a shorter lifespan of 5 to 10 years. Many contractors will install them in newly constructed homes when the homeowner does not specify a higher grade outlet. Due to their poor quality, you should replace them with commercial grade outlets, which will last you much longer.

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